5 Best E-Commerce Platforms For Your Online Store

What are E-Commerce Platforms?

E-Commerce platforms let manufacturers to show their product catalog and allows them to perform the online transactions of buying and selling. Various e-commerce transactions are B2C (Business-to-Consumer). While some of them also support more difficult B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions with contract negotiation features.

Types of E-Commerce Platforms

There are two basic kinds of e-commerce platforms: hosted and self-hosted:

1) Hosted e-commerce platforms are cloud-based and due monthly. They are likely to be more consistent and user-friendly.

2) Self-hosted e-commerce platforms are more innovative, customizable, and free.

Top 5 E-Commerce platforms for your online store in 2020


Amongst all the e-commerce solutions existing, Shopify is the most common and widely known platform. Shopify is the complete, successful, and feature-rich solution that most of the people are familiar with, enabling over 600,000 online stores and having over 1 million active customers across the world. More than $72 billion has been exchanged on Shopify, evidence of its wide reach and flexibility.

Working as an online store with Shopify is not just easy but exciting too. You get personalized features like logos, brand colors, customized fronts for your checkout. You can do drop-shipping; provide downloads and sell whatever you wish. Shopify gives several pricing filters, with primary pricing plans starting at $29. For brands or any digital marketing agencies that want to get into e-commerce, Shopify might be the ideal choice for you to begin.


Initially, a website creator with drag-and-drop features, Wix has become a steadfast center for developing online stores. It’s not as flexible as Shopify as you can’t sell across various mediums without using apps, and it has no reckless cart retrieval. As a website with e-commerce working, as opposed to being particular for this reason, it doesn’t have a similar variety of choices.


When it comes to the worth of money few e-commerce solutions offer you a better value for your money than Weebly. It comprises four pricing plans, all changed to e-commerce, including advantages like Google Ads credits and email marketing. The ideal pricing plan depends on your business. On its discounted plan, the initial plan, you can sell up to 10 products. If you use the business plan, you can sell infinite products and not have to worry about any transaction fees. Features like reckless cart retrieval, gift cards, and real-time shopping rates are only accessible through the most costly plan, i.e. Performance Plan.


For big and rapidly growing businesses, BigCommerce is the most attuned platform. It is a hosted e-commerce solution that works both as a full SaaS solution and a shopping cart solution for other kinds of websites. As a result, it pulls many contrasts with Shopify. BigCommerce also has easy shipping options that offer users live quotes and rate calculators.


This solution has durable store management competencies with various tools and features like promotions, selections to manage returns, coupons, discounts, and much more.

Volusion provides a detailed site search feature and e-commerce and product management tools such as SEO friendly content for product descriptions, natural fulfillment choices, and subscription or loyalty preferences. It incorporates various payment providers like PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, and Apple Pay.

Facebook stores can be connected to a Volusion website to sponsor multi-channel incorporation. It maintains marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, helping website owners boost their online presence while better evaluating their customer profile.

Opting for an e-commerce solution can be complex just because there are so many opportunities at your disposal. Luckily, you can contract your list based on the principles that have stated above.

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