Acceleration of Women Lead Businesses with Daraz & Femprow

Nadia Patel Gangjee’s enterprise – Femprow – has teamed up with Daraz to enable recently registered small and up-and-coming women led businesses and sellers to set up their shops on Daraz. By introducing women entrepreneurs to the digital space, this ambitious partnership can help amplify their sales and reach, thus facilitating growth. It is customized training that caters to the needs of each business and helps these sellers improve their business ethics and also lets them understand how important social media is for their business.

What is Femprow?

Femprow is a social venture that promotes women’s professional development and empowers them economically by providing entrepreneurial training, capacity building, and business and community assistance.

According to, the growing community of female entrepreneurs and women-led businesses on Femprow has also got 150+ female entrepreneurs to register for this platform and will be aided by this collaboration in establishing businesses on Pakistan’s largest e-commerce platform.

Falling under the umbrella of Daraz’s Ibtida program, any registration on the platform through this collaborative session gives the sellers a bonus of 0% commission for the first three months of doing business on Daraz, and also many more value-adds, special shop promotions, and success story coverage.


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This session caters to:

Any Pakistani women lead businesses that deal in fashion, lifestyle, gifts (get Custom cutting board here), printed products, packaged foods, and children’s products. It is especially for those entrepreneurs who wish to grow their business and get a wider reach but do not have the technical know-how to create an online platform for themselves.

Though the first session was conducted on May 25th, another session will be conducted if a number of people want to attend the next free session.

At the signing, Nadia Patel Gangjee, the Founder and CEO of Femprow said, “Femprow has been focused on advancing women’s economic participation through business education and enterprise creation, growth, and support. We are very excited about the partnership, which will help women scale up their businesses through increased reach and sales on Daraz’s platform.

We surely do agree with her! Let us know what you think about this initiative!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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