8 TV Series To Watch If You’re A Brooklyn 99 Fan

Brooklyn99 is undeniably one of the most brilliant and successful sitcoms ever made and for good reasons. Set in the fictional 99th precinct of Brooklyn, this procedural comedy TV series revolves around 7 detectives as they weave their way in and out of minor and major personal and professional life challenges. The premise might sound mundane, but this is precisely where the show creators’ creativity comes into play because, against a grim and somewhat bleak backdrop of a cop/workplace setting, they have managed to put together such a light-hearted, hilarious, thoughtful, and unique blend of a show, it’s truly amazing.

If you have already watched and loved all the seven seasons of the show, and are now looking for recommendations of some similar light-hearted TV series, here’s a little list of a few to help you out.

1. The Good Place

If you love Brooklyn99, you are bound to enjoy this show as well, as both are from the same creators. Just like B99, this show also has sophisticated and delightful humor, a gang of loveable characters, and a bunch of weighty topics covered in a very light-hearted way. The good place is synonymous with Heaven in this show, where Eleanor Shellstrop arrives by mistake, and from then on starts a saga of bizarre yet hilarious events.

2. Schitt’s Creek

This is another upbeat sitcom with an ensemble cast and a simple yet amusing story. An incredibly rich and self-important family is forced to move to the hideous small town of Schitt’s Creek after losing all their fortune. It’s an amiable story of a conceited family gradually softening and getting acclimated to the society and the surrounding they initially looked down upon.

3. Community

Community, with its over the top but loveable characters, vivacious aura, and engaging pace, totally deserves to be on this list. The show is about a fake lawyer who, after being discovered to be practicing law without a degree, gets disbarred and goes to a community college in pursuit of an actual degree. The show’s creative plotlines about a group of misfits and witty humor will have you hooked.

4. Modern Family

As the name indicates, Modern Family revolves around three families related by blood and their love for each other, as they navigate their way through different modern-day challenges. The show has a clique of relatable characters and offers such a heartwarming, raw, optimistic, realistic, and cheerful look at family dynamics that you’re bound to laugh out loud at some parts and feel pleasantly emotional at the others.

5. Parks and Recreation

Another outstanding TV series co-created by Michael Schur. Set in the Park Department of Pawnee, Indiana, the show follows our incredibly competent and loveable protagonist Leslie Knope and her group of coworkers, as they engage in enthusiastic efforts to make the town a decent looking place. The show, with its eclectic and endearing cast, is brimmed with witty, hilarious, and sarcastic jokes, perfect for people who love Brooklyn99.

6. The Office

If we talk about the shows that are the closest to Brooklyn99, The Office deserves a mention. An office setting, a set of employees, and an array of relatable scenarios and challenges encountered by almost everyone at their workplace. This show is a fresh, fun, and upbeat take on an otherwise monotonous and typical office life.

7. Silicon Valley

This amazing satirical and comical take on the Tech industry centers around 5 programmers as they launch a startup in Silicon Valley. Highlighting the highs and lows of the startup world, this show is perfect for people looking for realistic and believable characters and plotlines, with occasional jokes and witty one-liners interspersed here and there to lighten the mood.

8. Psych

If you’re specifically looking for cop-crime comedies just like Brooklyn99, Psych should be your next watch. It revolves around two guys, Shawn Spencer, who possesses extraordinary observational skills and pretends to be a psychic, and his best friend Burton Gustor, as they assist the police department in solving crimes. The chemistry between the two main leads is amazing and the show overall is incredibly entertaining and hilarious.

So, these are my recommendations of light-hearted and cheerful shows for fans of Brooklyn99. If you think any other shows should have been on the list too, feel free to let us know.

Sadia Zubair

A psychology graduate with a keen interest in reading fiction, writing, sleeping, and overthinking (yikes!)

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