5 Tips to Make Your Instagram Account More Aesthetic

If you are an avid Instagram user, you must have come across some accounts that look so disorganized, it’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly they are about, which generally feels displeasing. You must also have come across accounts that look so mesmerizing and awe-inspiring, you just feel like scrolling through their feed and experience all the amazing vibes they are trying to deliver.

As a brand or an entrepreneur, the latter should be your goal. Your Instagram profile works as a window into your brand personality. It reflects what, as a brand, you are and what you stand for. It leaves an impression that plays a vital role in shaping up the visitor’s decision of whether they want to be a follower, or consumer, or not.

This is why it’s crucial that you put in extra effort to create an aesthetically pleasing, structured, and welcoming profile. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind for this.

1. Establish a personalized look

Do you want to make people feel energized and revived when they visit your account or do you want them to feel peaceful and calm? Do you want to keep a minimal feed or make it funky and colorful? Do you want your profile to be about quick tips and information or do you want it to revolve around fun, humor, and casual stuff? These are all the things you need to carefully consider before you hop onto anything final.

Your profile should be a reflection of your brand’s vision and identity; your values, your style, and the overall mood you want to create.

You can take inspiration from other similar accounts, but always build those ideas with your own personalized touch.

2. Plan your content beforehand

The next step is to pre-plan your content. If you didn’t spend enough time on this step, the posts are going to look all over the place which you really don’t want to happen.

Planning also allows you to meticulously create content around your niche. This way you stay focused on your core substance and don’t end up sharing anything and everything.

3. Choose specific colors or theme

Based on the mind-map you created in the first step, get into researching and settle onto a theme or some specific colors.

This will not only make your feed look cohesive and appealing, but research shows that 85% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by colors alone. In the 1950s, Pepsi-Cola decided to change the color of its vending machines from regal blue to light blue in the region of Southeast Asia, and guess what? Its sales took a major hit because light blue is associated with death and grieving in the region.

Another research suggests that colors can increase brand recognition by 80%. Colors have a huge impact on emotions and feelings. As Instagram aesthetics will be a part of your meticulous marketing strategy, it’s pivotal that you choose the right colors, which communicate the message and the feelings that align with your brand.

4. Stick to a specific editing style

Your Instagram profile is only going to look cohesive if the posts are edited, and edited the right way. Finding out the perfect editing style for your pictures and sticking to it is key. You don’t want one photo to have all rejuvenating vibes and the one very next to it all dull and gloomy. This is why choose filters carefully and apply them to every picture so that they all look the same.

One way to do this is to use presets. Presets are pre-determined edits that can be applied to any picture with a single click. They make your pictures look consistent and refined without having you spend hours editing them. Lightroom has a set of free presets, and it also allows you to create your own presets. You can buy presets as well.

5. Keep experimenting

There is no single formula for achieving a perfectly refined look for your profile. It’s a gradual process. Even the accounts that have the most eye-catching and captivating feeds didn’t get there in a day. It took them a long time to achieve the polished look that has now become their brand identity. Slowly and steadily, with constant trials and errors is how you’ll get there too.

To conclude, Instagram has massive potential for brand building. However, you’ll only reap desired benefits if you put in enough effort, and one of those efforts includes creating an aesthetically structured Instagram profile. You’ll see the difference it makes for your brand, once you start working on it.

Sadia Zubair

A psychology graduate with a keen interest in reading fiction, writing, sleeping, and overthinking (yikes!)

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