All You Need To Know About Instagram Guides!

Since the launch of Instagram 10 years ago, it has introduced many new features and has changed the way that people post content on social media. At this point, everyone’s aware that if one’s interested in photo styling and visual content, Instagram is the platform for them. After features like Live, Shops, Reels, Instagram has introduced Guides which enables you to create long-form content on the platform, and also make it look interesting to read!

Instagram Guides was introduced as “a way to more easily discover recommendations, tips and other content from your favorite creators, public figures, organizations and publishers on Instagram.”

But what exactly is Instagram Guides?

It is a scrollable list and provides text as well as visuals in the form of listicles. The visuals are either saved posts from other accounts or your own previous posts. These consecutive Instagram posts are then curated in a way that quality information can be shared with one’s audience.

It is an opportunity for brands to share how-tos and tips on any subject, with the help of a few saved posts and content which is well-thought.

How to Create an Instagram Guide?

To create a Guide, tap the plus icon in the top right corner of your profile, and next, select Guide. Now here is where things get interesting. Instagram gives you the option of choosing the type of guide that you want to create, such as Places, Products, and Posts.

Through Places, you can choose places in your city and beyond through geotag, and select the post that you like. Through the Products option, you can search by account for the product listing you would like to include. You can also find the product if you have saved it to your wishlist. And thirdly, you can create a guide through Posts by either selecting a saved post or one of your own previous posts.

Here is an example of an Instagram guide that was created for Mainstream sharing tips for content writing. To make the visuals relevant, we searched for images related to the content that we were to share from Pexels’ Instagram account. The cover image includes the title of your Guide and a short description.

content writing tips

Scrolling down, you will find a listicle made up of 4 posts that provide content writing tips for beginners.

Understand Your Audience & Content

Now that you know how Instagram Guides work, you can imagine the many possibilities through which you can promote your brand on the platform. One of the best things about Guides is that it does not require you to make brand-new content from scratch. You can simply select the relevant post of your liking, and proceed from there. So start grouping content into categories, and create your first guide today!

Let us know what you think about this feature in the comments.

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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