This Syndrome Is The Reason You Are Stuck In Life

Shiny object syndrome is a distraction disease which specifically affects entrepreneurs because of the qualities that make them special. Entrepreneurs are usually highly inspired. They are looking for new technologies and new innovations. Entrepreneurs tend to be highly motivated. They are not afraid to work on new projects and create new things. These are great characteristics, but once SOS sets in and forces project after project, change after change, never settling with one opinion. When SOS becomes worse entrepreneurs faces these serious problems:

1. Inability to finish projects:

Marketers become excited about a new project before completing the one at hand. They jump to another project before getting the results of the first one. Eg. a worker is working on a project but then gets bored and leaves the project incomplete, he finds out another interesting project and thinks this one will benefit him more. But, neither the new goal is finished nor the old one the worker comes under pressure.

2. Burning through cash:

For companies, there are hundreds of technical resources that are impressive, successful and straightforwardly enjoyable to use. But when companies switch platform to platform, they will end up burning through so much cash that these devices will become extremely inefficient.

3. Poorly planning ideas and directives:

People start their own business with a great deal of effort, but at the beginning when the business does not benefit, they start another profitable idea and start working on it and forget the old one. But they face problems as they get stuck in two incomplete ideas and that’s why they find themselves stuck.

4. Dozens of unfinished projects:

Entrepreneurs are energized by new ideas, but that means they are beginning new stuff constantly and never completing them. If they look behind, they will see a long list of unfinished plans, a strong indication that the illusion of shiny things acts as a big disturbance.

How to get over SOS:

1. Sit on ideas before launching them:

Before the team starts working on a project take a moment. Do more research on the topic, think about whether it’s the right path to take for your business. Not every concept can be followed, it’s better to take more time and think more rather than making a hasty decision.

2. Communicate with your team:

When you come up with a new idea, discuss it with your teammates. Let everyone think and put their own perspectives forward. Set up long term goals including how long you expect the project will continue. Set short term goals to help close the gap and motivate the team.

3. Choose strategies that make the biggest impact:

When there’s so much competing for your attention. It’s important to focus on the things which really do make a difference to the performance of your content marketing. It’s important to think logically before you decide which strategy to adopt. Do not follow the latest trend like the rest instead, do a lot of research. Analyze the available data so you can make an informed decision on which approaches to bet on.

4. Abandon projects only when necessary:

Once you have your long term objectives in place, don’t leave the project until you hit it. The only exceptions will be if the project starts costing you more than expected, or if the world has changed drastically enough to negate the efficacy of the project altogether.

Shari Haider

21 year old Bachelor's student, trying to enjoy and record each and every moment of life.

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