The Best Canva Presentation Templates You Can Use

Looking for an easy way to create presentations from your mobile or desktop? Look into an efficient web-based design tool where you can create everything from design posts to creative presentations, i.e. Canva for Presentations. With this feature, you gain access to a number of presentation templates on Canva on various topics from education to marketing to other print and social media categories.

There’s no doubt that all the Canva presentations available for either personal or commercial use are creatively refreshing for anyone who uses them. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few of the best Canva presentation templates you can use for your next project portfolio.

White Photo-centric Lifestyle Presentation

White Photo-centric Lifestyle Presentation - Canva Presentation Templates

A minimalistic presentation template that can be helpful for you to create your personal portfolio to send to clients. It’s mostly helpful for photographers, models, or even small business owners to pitch their ideas in front of an investor.

Modern New Hire Resources Company Presentation

Modern New Hire Resources Company Presentation

This is an aesthetic, vibrant, and attention-grabbing template perfect for a company portfolio that can be given to new hires and clients to know more about a brand or organization for establishing a better understanding of company goals and objectives.

Covid-19 Medical Presentation

Covid-19 Medical Presentation - Canva Presentation Templates

Although the template is named after Covid-19, it can easily be used for any other medical topic easily, with its minimal designs and relevant vectors.

White Simple Sales Presentation

White Simple Sales Presentation

The template says “health-care” sales presentation, but needless to say, you can easily customize it for any sales report you need to present to either your company or clients.

Business Sustainable Growth Reports Presentation

Business Sustainable Growth Reports Presentation - Canva Presentation Templates

This template is perfect for when you need to highlight your company’s performance goals and present them in a report that showcases all your current achievements and future objectives.

Geometric Technology Presentation

Geometric Technology Presentation

The best thing about this template is the minimal display of geometric shapes in the design; the theme can be used for a wide number of topics, from marketing to client pitches to workshops, etc.

Modern Company Brand Logo Guidelines

Modern Company Brand Logo Guidelines

This vibrant red and black template is simple yet attractive enough to easily capture the attention of the audience you present it to. It has all the necessary themes and slides you need to make your brand guidelines as professionally presented as possible.

Online Marketing Presentation

Online Marketing Presentation - Canva Presentation Templates

Need to create an appealing marketing pitch? This template, with its creative illustrations and bold fonts, will capture any audience’s attention with ease, while also impressing them through your content.

This was our list of the best presentation templates to use on Canva. You can easily change the dimensions of the templates according to where you’re creating your presentation, either on your phone or the desktop. If you need more information, feel free to check out our suggestions on how designers can create good content.

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