5 Design Apps Everyone Can Use

If you need to design a few images in a quick schedule, or you run a blog that needs you to post good quality visuals on a regular basis. And you don’t necessarily have access to a laptop in all these situations neither are you a full-fledged designer, then a few good Apps can come in handy to get your job done. These Apps work for everyone from beginners to experienced individuals, and even small business owners. We’ve combined a list of 5 Apps that you need to look at, if you haven’t already!

1. Photoshop Express

Available on Android, iOS, tablets and windows phones, Photoshop Express is an easy to use photo editing App by the graphic design giants, Adobe. Now you can edit photos and add designs of your choice to your creatives right from your cell phone. Apply the pop you photo needs, use filters that make their magic become real and simply share them on all your socials through the App.

2. Snapseed

An App I would always personally recommend, Snapseed is a great editing tool for all purposes, especially for amateur photographers. How many times have you taken a perfect photo but it was missing that important finishing touch that would make it stand out? With Snapseed’s advanced features, that becomes possible for you. The App is available for Android and iOS.

3. Adobe Spark

Comprising three different design Apps brought together: Spark Video, Spark Page, and Spark Post, Adobe Spark is another great mobile design app made by the giants of the graphic design industry. It’s an all-rounder app that allows you to edit photos, make indulging infomercials, GIFs, and animations, all from your mobile phone.

4. Adobe Illustrator Draw

With this App you can easily design creative vectors from your phones and tablets. The App allows you to transfer your designs into photoshop if you need to work in detail or collaborate them into another design. With Illustrator Draw, it’s easier than ever to make advanced designs right at the touch of your fingers!

5. Infinite Design

We all loved to use paint on our PCs when we were young. Combine that with advanced features and unparalleled quality and you get Infinite Design. Create beautiful and engaging vectors right through your phone with this App.

6. Canva

Another personal favorite, Canva is a graphic design app preferred by almost everyone who’s required to design content at a quick pace without much time in their schedule. You have a variety of options from social media designs to presentations, posters and other content. What’s more is that the App gives you the choice of sizes for the platforms you will post your content on, before you start designing. E.g. Instagram post, Instagram story, Facebook cover, etc.

These 5 Apps will be your most useful companions when it comes to creating quick designs and editing your photos for all your social platforms. So get to work and make your visuals stand-out from the crowd!

Aqeel Abro

Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Gamer, Car Enthusiastic and so much more....

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