Quarantine Gym Tips: 5 Apps You Can Use

The only way I’m coming out of this pandemic is either in shape or in terrible need of a diet. But how? A few months ago, lockdown restrictions eased down and businesses, gyms, shops, and other activities also started.

But with the second wave of the pandemic posing a threat on our heads, it is still not safe to regularly go out in public places. Hence, people’s gym workouts have been put on hold in many areas, leaving us with only one option: to workout at home.

People who are used to going out for yoga classes or workouts may face problems in starting their workout at home and making a proper plan. It depends on them whether they want to start the workout with or without the right equipment. But with the growing advancement in technology, it’s easy for people to do workouts at home with the help of apps and videos.

1. Peloton:

A free 30 day trial of the enhanced fitness app is provided by Peloton. The fitness app provides easy-to-follow and high-quality lessons, including yoga, strength, meditation, and cardio which do not include the purchase of a treadmill or bike. For outdoor activities, there are also audio lessons, if it’s easy for people they can go for it.

2. Nike Training Club:

This app has a wide range of workout to choose from, including programs that help you set an ongoing exercise schedule which is always free. The trick here is that you can select workouts depending on whether you have access to a gym or equipment or not, then you can find out bodyweight exercises quickly.

3. Les Mills:

The class, conducted by Les Mills is only one out of a dozen different kinds of lessons, including, boxing, dance, and yoga. Via a 30 days’ free trial all these classes are available on-demand and several classes are equipment free.

4. 30 Day Fitness Challenge:

An app that is more commonly used in our country, the 30-day fitness challenge is a very effective app that allows a wide range of workout routines with regards to the entire body or different specific body parts.

The app also permits you to choose a workout intensity of your choice, asking whether you work out daily or occasionally and creating a routine that fits your prior workout choices so as to start with simple routines if you’re someone not used to working out on a daily basis.

5. Individual Personal Trainers:

Many personal trainers who have been put on hold for courses and training sessions are offering their experience for free. They are available on Instagram giving daily workout classes and teaching how to master those movements. There are several fitness experts on Youtube who put out free videos of exercise, covering any kind of work from yoga and pilates to dance and boot camps.

These are the apps that can be your quarantine gym alternatives. It’s true that none of them may be able to provide you with the motivation that an actual gym does, but once you begin working out regularly, you may get used to it enough to even look forward to following a proper routine every day.

Shari Haider

21 year old Bachelor's student, trying to enjoy and record each and every moment of life.

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