10 Best Mobile Video Editing Apps For 2021

Most people love to take pictures or make videos of aesthetic places or things via their smartphones. Frequently people need to edit those videos and only the best video editing apps can allow you to give your video a delightful touch. Here are some best mobile video editing apps that the well-known videographer near me suggested:

1. InShot:

InShot is one of the best video editing apps for android. You can see more of its features here. It allows users to create images, clips, cut or remove any portion of a video and change the speed of a file. It is best suited for Instagram and helps edit photos, create collages of images, blur borders, etc. filters, audio, voice-overs, and text can be added too.

2. Adobe Premiere:

Adobe Premiere clip helps users to edit videos on their phones. It makes it possible to make any video within minutes. It’s easy and people enjoy using it a lot. The Automatic video production feature is the most fascinating characteristic of this android video editing app. With any clips or video you choose, Adobe will automatically build videos. It also allows making videos with various functions for video editing such as cutting, trimming, transition adding, audio, filters, effects, etc. It’s a free video editor for smartphones.

3. Quick GoPro:

The quick app helps to make amazing videos with just a few taps. Choose your favorite clips and videos, then allow the magic of quick to work. It adds beautiful transitions and effects, syncs everything with the music’s rhythm. With text and music, you can customize your story and easily share it with friends. Editing with the GoPro app makes video editing more fun and enjoyable.

4. Viva video:

Viva video is a top-rated and advanced video editing app to make videos and images look cool with the use of a variety of tools and options in the app.

5. KineMaster:

The greatest video editor app for Android that comes with a well-designed UI is KineMaster. This software has amazing features and characteristics. A drag and drop technique can be used to quickly import various media files. KineMaster gives you unparalleled levels of editing control to easily produce professional videos.

6. Video Show:

Video Show is classified as the no. 1 app for video editors and video makers. It has won multiple awards and is known in the play store as one of the best free video editor apps for android. It is very simple and effective to use. By adding texts, effects, music, and sound effects or performing live dubbing,  you can make your video more wonderful. This awesome app has 50 different themes.

7. PicPlayPost:

With over 15 million users, PicPlayPost is the finest video collage, slideshow builder, and live video wallpaper app. It has full video editing capabilities and allows making videos of up to 30 minutes.

8. WeVideo:

WeVideo is an online, cloud-based video editing app that runs on mobile devices and web browsers. It is a professional video editing platform for everyone.

9. VideoShop:

VideoShop is a free app that can be used to record and edit videos. It is perfect for music videos because it allows you to connect audio and visuals on separate tracks, so you can play an audio clip as you cut between shots.

10. PowerDirector:

One of the best video editing apps for android is PowerDirector. This software is a video editing app with complete functionality. It’s easy to make your own video with all sorts of files using this app. You can also produce 4k movies with PowerDirector video editor for android.

These are our suggestions for the best video editing app you should be using in 2021 with features that are easy to learn for users.

Shari Haider

21 year old Bachelor's student, trying to enjoy and record each and every moment of life.

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