Pakistan vs India – Best Memes After Pakistan’s Historic Win

The T20 World Cup 2021 campaign began for Pakistan with their first clash coming against the fiercest rivals, and neighbors, India. Always a nail-biting fixture, this match promises excitement accompanied by a load of memes and usually ends up with Pakistan being disappointed and India getting a new reason to troll the fans.

This time, the men in green had something else in mind as the Xl led by Babar Azam went out to the Dubai International Stadium and clinched their hands on a 10-wicket win over India in their first-ever victory against the neighbors in a World Cup campaign.

From the start of the match, Pakistani and Indian Twitter have been on-point with their meme game, building anticipation for the result and expressing their own excitement, nervousness, and then happiness (obviously in the case of Pakistan) in the process. Check out some of the best memes from Pakistan’s record-breaking victory over India below.

Rohit Sharma, Shaheen Afridi’s first wicket from the night from an lbw, had once made the mistake of allegedly calling the bowler average, so of course, Afridi answered in style, and the fans had a field day with it.

And after spotting Akshay Kumar in the stands, the memes became even better somehow…

And then there’s…

Of course, India had their own level of fun… for a while

And safe to say we’ll get SOME respite from those Mauka Mauka ads for a while

While Pakistan is yet to avenge the pain of Mohali 2011 (I mean…!), the team still started off in style with this victory, gaining first place in the group.

And we’re still celebrating.

And guess who’s going to be Pakistan’s next opponent

Whatever happens next in the World Cup, there’s no doubt Pakistan has kicked off in a very likable fashion, earning praise from all over the world on, not just their first, but their historic win over India, and it’s safe to stay we’re still high about the win and celebrating in our own ways.

Did you like the memes? Which one was your favorite?

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