Spider-Man: No Way Home New Trailer – Everything We Know So Far

Marvel and Sony have just dropped a new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, and with the movie just a month away from release, we have come to know a few new things, more of it rumor than anything else, but it’s gotten us excited nonetheless.

We already knew the appearance of Doc Ock and Green Goblin, with Alfred Molina reprising his iconic role, along with Willem Defoe’s voice making a cameo, in the first trailer for the movie. Since then, the Spider-Man official account has released official posters for the movie, with the first being the following, teasing the appearance of Sandman and Electro:

If you notice closely, Marvel has also been teasing us with the number 3, showing 3 streaks of debris for Sandman, 3 lightning bolts of Electro, and 3 tentacles of Doctor Octopus, further rousing curiosity on the appearance of 3 Spider-Men as originally rumored in this movie.

The arrival of Spider-Man’s enemies has been further confirmed in the new trailer, with Sandman, Electro, and the Lizard making an appearance as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man takes on the three villains, apparently by himself. Along with them, it remains to be seen which other enemies of the “Spider-Men” will appear, with speculations suggesting Jake Gyllenhaal may return to reprise his role as Mysterio.

And even though everyone at Marvel has denied the cameo of Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire in the movie, with the actors themselves admitting they’re not in it, fans are determined to believe otherwise.

With a few “leaked” images teasing the comeback of the previous two Spider-Men and a look at Charlie Cox, some fans are all but convinced that this is actually happening, even if the leaked images somewhat look photoshopped.

But it is also true that, with the kind of trouble Tom Holland’s Peter Park is currently in, he will need someone to defend him in front of the public, and who better to do that than Matt Murdock/Daredevil himself? With Marvel buying the rights to Netflix’s Marvel shows, the appearance of the lawyer/superhero is long overdue.

Along with all of this, one particular scene from the trailer looks eerily similar to what went down in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, when Gwen Stacy met her fate even after Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man tried everything possible to save her life as she fell from the tower while he was fighting the Green Goblin.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, this scene reprises as we see Tom Holland’s Peter trying to save MJ as she falls from the top of a building. Some fans suggest that this might be the moment when Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man enters the scene, as Holland’s Peter fails to save MJ, Andrew’s Peter might actually be the one to do it, as a form of redemption for his failure to save Gwen.

Kind of sentimental, but with an obvious nod to that one heartbreaking scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we might actually see this come true in the movie because there’s no way Marvel is letting MJ die with the fan following Zendaya and her character has, and after the tragic end of Iron-Man still fresh in everyone’s mind… right?

So with all this speculation going on about the movie, and Marvel teasing the existence of the multiverse, we can’t wait to see what this movie holds for us. Marvel has, time and again in its more than a decade worth of movies, exceeded expectations when it comes to serving the audience, and we don’t doubt this movie will be any different. Have a look at the trailer below:

What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments.

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