Most Engaging Instagram Filters

Instagram filters have been in use ever since the app launched about a decade ago. At that time, the filters were limited to only editing your images a little. Now, with the Instagram story and the app’s latest launched reel feature, not to mention the rise of the competition from Snapchat and TikTok, the app has upped its filter game with interactive and engaging filters for the audience. The audience can create their AR filters on Instagram with the help of tools like Spark AR Studio.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, this filter game became even better with many renowned celebrities and influencers getting in on the trend and using filters to make more engaging posts and stories for their audience. Let’s have a look at a few of the most engaging Instagram filters, mentioned in the list below.

1. Fruit Frenzy by Jerzy Pilch

Fruit Frenzy

Created by Jerzy Pilch, Fruit Frenzy is a fun game you can play through the Instagram story feature and even post it in your story or as a post for your audience to get entertained with. All you have to do is collect the fruits shown at the top of the screen, avoid the ones not shown on top, and score points.

2. This is Fine – Nirougi

This is Fine

Who thought we could become part of one of the most loved memes in the world? As the world around us goes God-knows-where, and we try to find the good in all of it despite our situation, this filter is perfect to take our photos with. Once it’s activated, you’ll find yourself sitting in a burning room on your screen as a thought pop-up above your head says the iconic line ‘This Is Fine’. Try it out now!

3. Guess the Gibberish – gibberish_official

Guess the Gibberish

Perhaps one of the most fun Instagram filters to have graced every screen, guess the gibberish became popular at the height of the coronavirus as most influencers started using it to entertain their audience during the stressful time. What happens is you’re shown some gibberish words on your screen and you have to guess what the right phrase is. It was entertaining for audiences to watch celebrities use this filter and play the game in their live sessions, compelling people to use it in their own stories, hence increasing the likeness and popularity of the filter.

4. Pizza Crown –

Pizza Crown

Pizza Crown is exactly what the name promises as soon as you activate the filter, i.e. a crown made of Pizzas circling your head. It’s certainly a filter suitable for pizza lovers and foodies across the world of Instagram. So go ahead and try it today for your audience!

5. twist the tongue – gu_christopher

twist the tongue

This one became an instant favorite among the masses, and for good reason too. The filter activates a bunch of tongue twisters on which a lot of influencers started making videos and posted them in their stories, while also introducing a chain of tongue twister challenges by tagging their friends or other celebrities to continue with the tongue twisters.

6. Field Day by @anonamister

Field Day

Recording a video with this filter will absolutely fresh up your mood and will make your audience giggle for sure. It dances your face all over a field of yellow flowers providing a relaxing look & feel of summer. If you love to entertain people, there’s no way you won’t like using this filter.

7. Unstable by @oleg.pashkovsky


This is one of the best filters that you should use if you love to entertain. Due to Covid-19, this filter became very famous among people as it gave everyone a way to interact and have fun with each other while staying locked at home. It swirls your face in a very funny way that many influencers used to make humorous videos etc.

8. Shrek by @huviart


If you are a Shrek fan, don’t forget to use this entertaining filter to get the best experience you can have. It puts the green ogre on anything and provides many other options for your fun. You can make Shrek dance, sit with you on a couch, and much more!

9. SUN BABY by @mas.bruh


Want to glow like the sun baby from Telly Tubbies? It’s very easy for Instagram users! Just use this amazing filter and engage your audience by putting your face in the sun as that baby did in the infamous cartoon from our childhood.

10. Sprinkles the cat by

Sprinkles the cat

A combination of sprinkled donut and cat! Absolutely amazing. This filter shows a cat on a donut walking all-around your place on your head; perfect for cat-lovers and foodies alike! Go ahead and try it today.

This was our list of the most fun and engaging Instagram filters that people have come to use and love throughout the pandemic. The app is coming up with more and more tools every day to make its filter game stronger and better for the audience, so they can interact with their followers in a more interactive way. Let’s see what else is in store when it comes to Instagram story filters.

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