Instagram entertainment is a thing and here are its best entertainers

Social media, no matter how problematic or annoying sometimes, is pretty much one of the few things which is bringing everyone together through its many platforms. One thing that everyone relied on during the pandemic and the lockdown was content created and posted on social media. Many who were previously wary of TikTok now spend hours on the app, and a lot of people who didn’t spend a lot of time on Instagram now depend on services like thunderclap for followers and  look for entertainment on the famous platform.

I was one of those people who viewed Instagram solely as a picture-sharing app, and sometimes even for online shopping, but over time I realized that Instagram entertainment is a huge thing, and this is when I started viewing the app as a source of humor and fun when I couldn’t find something short and lighthearted to watch on Netflix or Prime (or when I just wanted to procrastinate while writing a blog).

Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts, i.e. entertainers whose posts I eagerly wait for and look forward to:

1. Adrian Bliss


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With satirical short videos regarding, well, pretty much everything your mind can think of. From hunter-gatherers to Noah’s Ark to Mona Lisa to Abraham Lincoln. His videos have an aspect of honest human emotion to them which just feels genuine, and which makes them more comedic. I genuinely laugh out loud whenever I come across his content.

2. Swineryy


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Our favorite anonymous Instagram entertainer from Pakistan, Swinery’s many animoji characters are always there to make us laugh. The various characters, their unique way of talking and their absurd personalities are relatable to all Pakistanis, and their imaginary happenings in life are something I personally look forward to.

3. Luke Millington-Drake

The first Luke Millington-Drake videos that I discovered were of him imitating Kiera Knightly, and boy was I amazed by how well he did it. That was clearly a sign for me to watch all his videos, and so I did, and I instantly fell in love with his content. How does he make himself look exactly like Kiera and Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Grant in the same video without even trying, only with the way he mimics their voice? Not to mention all his other characters and impressions (honorary mention: his impression of Nigella Lawson).

4. Yashraj Mukhate


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By now, pretty much everyone in Pakistan must know of Yashraj Mukhate, after his versions of Rasode Mein Kaun Tha and Pawri Horae Hai. He’s just amazing at what he does, and that’s a fact.

5. Caitlin Reilly


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Another content creator whose work I’ve fallen in love with. The first ever Caitlin Reilly video that I watched was of her impersonating an LA Mom asking her assistant the most absurd favors and I absolutely lost it, and then again, I had to watch all her videos. Some of her characters include a WASP Mom, literally every single pretentious person you know, and recently she’s been making videos of crazy tropes about women in movies.

6. Nicholas Flannery

Although he was quite well known in the US for his TikTok videos and other blogging ventures, Nicholas Flannery’s most recognizable work started with his “Rich White Lady” series, i.e. short videos of him reenacting every rich white lady we’ve ever seen in movies and TV shows, with special reference to “Big Little Lies” as the soundtrack for the show is what he uses as background music for almost all the videos. What’s amazing is how he’s managed to turn this entire idea into a series revolving around one particular rich white lady, her life’s many “struggles” and the ways she deals with them, and that one deep breath she takes and hugs her coat as she goes through it all.

These are just some of my favorite Instagram entertainers, there’s so many more whose content people have fallen in love with, and who have created even during the pandemic. That’s more than most of us can do, and we’re so grateful for these creators!

Comment below your favorite Instagram entertainer and why you love them!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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