India vs New Zealand: Pakistani fans troll India as their World Cup Hopes are in Shambles

India has always been Pakistan’s biggest rival in everything, given the history between the two countries, but this rivalry becomes even more intense when it comes to cricket. And with the greens’ victory against the blues in the first match, followed by the unbeatable World Cup streak so far and a comfortable place on top of the table, Pakistani fans are becoming a bit more confident in their team, and a bit more fierce with trolling the rivals; especially after India played their second game of the World Cup campaign and lost against New Zealand.

The reason why this loss was so special has several reasons. Firstly, India losing always somehow perks up the Pakistani fans as is the case with every rivalry, but India losing when Pakistan themselves are on an unbeatable streak in a World Cup? That seems more like a dream than a reality. Secondly, India played a big part when New Zealand canceled their tour of Pakistan in the last minute back in September, making this loss even better since India ended up having their World Cup hopes shattered by first losing against Pakistan and then New Zealand themselves.

Thirdly, and ironically, the IPL was rescheduled to be played in the UAE only recently, in an alleged attempt by the BCCI to make the Indian team more used to the pitch in the Middle-East, turning this World Cup campaign in their favor as they become used to the conditions in Dubai; needless to say, it doesn’t seem to have the effect that the India Cricket Board expected.

But it’s the Pakistani fans on social media who are enjoying this entire fiasco become a reality as Indian hopes for the World Cup seem to be all but dying. Here are some of the best memes from the India vs New Zealand match from Pakistan, as well as the other side of the border.

New Zealand also made a few fielding blunders, dropping two catches even with India struggling while batting.

Remember when Rohit Sharma said he’d teach Pakistan how to bat?

Even Darren Sammy participated in the meme game

Win or lose, not many can beat Pakistan to the meme game

Which one of these memes do you like the most? Tell us in the comments.

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