Google Services Down: A Major Breakdown For The Tech Giant

As if 2020 hadn’t done enough, today shortly after 5 pm PST, Google services stopped working and have caused the whole internet to come to a standstill.

That Google Docs, Ads, Analytics, Console, and every other service would stop working was never not impossible, but now that it’s happened, we realize how being dependent on all of Google’s services is probably not the best idea.

Since the “Google outage” users are being greeted by an Error page apologizing for the inconvenience and asking to try again.

google services down

The outage includes Google Docs, Gmail, Drive, and even YouTube. However, YouTube seems to be available on Incognito Mode, indicating that there may be an issue with the user authentication.

Update: As of 5:30 pm PST, most services have started working again and are now available again. This includes the Google Suite, Google Analytics, Google Ads and a few other tools. It’s expected that other tools will start coming back to life soon enough.

Till then, you can browse through some of the memes we’ve come across since our free time due to Google services being down…

2020 really has it against everyone

Jehan Ara from the Nest I/O really did get us with her Tweet

But in another world, if you know, you know


We’re still waiting for an update on why this happened. Stay tuned to this page to find out more.

Zainab Abdul Rehman

Content and strategy specialist with a head full of ideas that I never get time to execute.

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