5 Best Grammar Check Tools For Editing Content

Anyone who spends a good part of their day writing, whether for reports, assignments, or creating content, it’s essential to use a good grammar checking tool to do so. Because no matter how good you are with your writing, you’re bound to make mistakes in the process anyway either in terms of grammar, the use of appropriate words, or the structure and flow of the content, etc.

While the flow and structure become better mostly through the regular practice of writing, there are easier ways to solve your grammar and punctuation mistakes, i.e. through grammar checking tools.

There are a wide number of tools available for MS Office as well as your browser, as extensions. We’ve picked a list of 5 such tools to make your writing process more streamlined and accurate when making edits to your content.

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is one of the best grammar check tools available at your disposal. You can easily install and streamline it with your MS Office files, or download its extension on your web browser to work on Google Docs and all your other websites. The free plan of the app includes basic grammar, punctuation, and spell-check. The premium plan includes sentence clarity, tone, inclusivity of language, formality level, word choice, etc. While the business plan includes a style guide, email guide, admin panel, etc.

You can choose a plan according to your needs, but if you’re someone who has a good grasp on writing and just needs a basic spell checker, Grammarly’s free plan should be enough for you.

2. LanguageTool


Receive tips on how you can make your content better while writing anything from blogs to emails with the LanguageTool. The tool also has the feature to choose from a variety of different languages in which you are writing. The free plan checks basic grammar and punctuation mistakes, while the premium plan also gives insights on the sentence structure, clarity, and tone of your write-up.

3. Ginger Online

Ginger Grammar Check Tool

The Ginger Online tool for grammar checking ensures your write-ups are as accurate as they would be if reviewed by a person who excels at grammar skills. The tool checks grammatical errors, punctuation misplacement, misused words, etc. From singular/plural, to incorrect use of tenses, the tool provides an unmatched set of features when it comes to editing your write-up. The free plan can be availed easily through the tool’s site, while the premium plan consists of a more unlimited set of features.

4. ProWritingAid

ProWriting Aid Grammar Check Tool

Praised to be one of the best grammar tools, ProWritingAid is a platform that provides grammar and style check with in-depth reviews and alternatives to make you better in your writing tasks. The tool is appropriate for authors, bloggers, businesses, and students, to help all individuals get their ideas across in the most precise and simple words.

5. Outwrite


Outwrite might be the last on this list, but there’s no doubt to its competency when it comes to grammar. The tool can be used to simplify sentences, check for appropriate grammar, and make sentences and content smaller and readable for the viewer. The tool provides you with reports on not just how readable, eloquent and grammatically error-free your content is, but also on the level of understanding required by a person to be capable of reading your content.

The free plan makes the most basic suggestions while the premium plan allows you to make changes based on eloquence, proper use of grammar, etc.

In every field, it’s vital to come up with accurate, error-free write-ups. This not only increases the quality of your content, but also provides you with an authenticity which tells your reader that your content can be trusted. Grammatically fluent text also ensures your content ranks higher in SEO due to the advantage of higher quality, accurate content.

Hence, editing your written pieces to be error-free is essential for everyone from bloggers and businesses to students creating their assignments. And a good grammar tool can help make this process more aligned and easier for you.

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