5 Tools That Can Improve Your Content Skills

Content is a great ally for marketers, but in a world of constantly saturating content strategies, you need to stand out, for which you need all the help you can get.

Thus, we’ve made a list of five tools that can help you improve your content skills without spending a single penny on anything.


HubSpot is a great tool for marketers. From courses to strategy templates and downloadable assets, HubSpot gives marketers access to some amazing tools that can be used to improve your content skills. Especially their inbound and content marketing courses – they’re all great to expand your knowledge in order to create better strategies for your brand.



Good grammar is the key to good content. That being said, it isn’t easy to stay on top of all grammatical rules, doesn’t matter whether English is your mother tongue or not. Thus, comes Grammarly. A tool that helps marketers correct the most basic mistakes we tend to make as we write.


You can install Grammarly’s browser extension or use its proofreading tool to analyze your content’s tone, preciseness and grammar.

Google Docs

As a content writer and a strategy specialist, I stand by Google Docs and the accessibility it provides to marketers. While Microsoft Office’s Suite is a great option for everyone, Google Docs offers almost the same features with cloud storage management on the go. Not only that, but Google’s Doc suite also offers you templates and integrated tools that can help you create productive reports and presentations without spending too much time on formatting.

Image:Google Docs


YouTube is bountiful of resources that marketers can use to develop their learning. A range of podcasts and free tutorial videos are a great way to learn about new tools and platforms that can help you create better content.

Google Analytics

Say you took your courses, downloaded your resources and now you’re successfully running a website. What now? How to track traffic and figure out the most successful sources of website visits? Google Analytics can help.

You can easily keep track of your traffic stats, set up goals to see what action people are taking on your site and create funnels to follow your customer’s journey on the website.

Google Analytics

So there you have it – 5 simple, free, yet amazing resources that can help content marketers develop their skills immensely.

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