5 Ways To Ace Entertainment Marketing In 2020

Digital marketing for entertainment and media companies looks completely different than it did even a decade or so ago, and adjusting to new marketing tactics and techniques is critical. Although certainly there are still television advertisements and newspaper advertising available, they are considerably less relevant than they’ve ever been. For instance, YouTube Advertisements cost considerably less than a typical newspaper or TV advertising and are more efficient. With these Youtube advertisements, the brand can get increased awareness, and viewers can easily reach the brand by clicking on a link. We have listed down five ways to ace entertainment marketing in the current age:

1. Relativity

Consumers typically want a moderately interactive and relative experience that is basically content that can grab their full attention. For example, live streams can make the viewers interested in what’s happening and they can participate in the experience as well. Such interactive ads can become highly relevant and personal to the consumer.

2. Knowing Your Audience

Both television and media companies have regular and constant consumers, listeners, fans, viewers, and anything else that they seek to get while they are up and going. These consumers are faithful and committed viewers and are vital to a business.

But if these viewers aren’t enough, you must promote your platform in order to get new viewers and a greater audience that can support your company.

Know of the target audience, and where they might most likely be active and available on the internet, and the material which they consume.
Unlike generic and widely used platforms, specific social platforms are gaining traction and making it easier for advertisers to advertise on a specific target audience.

3. Video Marketing

Video marketing should be taken advantage of no matter what kind of company you have. The human brain stores videos easily, those which are typically self-explanatory, and entertaining. It is said that companies that make use of video marketing gain profit 49% faster than companies that do not utilize video marketing.

For example, even if you are planning on the production of a podcast, ensure that you use social media videos to have your viewers informed.

And if your main medium is audio, you want to make your content versatile on social media, and on your website.

4. Ethical Practices

Companies who are honest, genuine, and who make reasonable choices on a daily basis will easily win public favor.
Although the material you produce can still be the main focus that is going to matter most, being recognized as a good company to work for would go a long road ahead for popular opinion.

Choosing to focus on accountability and socially responsible practices – which include meticulously citing the facts and highlighting fact-checking initiatives – can help you to be a reliable brand

5. Engagement

For example, media companies can use Facebook’s retargeting advertisements option to reach out to let previous users know that another season is gonna be available shortly. You don’t just want to gain an audience, you must also keep them engaged with the content that you post in order to gain their attention and make viewer experience more interesting.

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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