5 Ways Photographers Can Use Instagram Reels

Instagram reels, the latest feature launched in August 2020, which allows users to create quick fun videos of 15 – 30 seconds, can be a great way to engage the audience and increase your account’s reach.

You can come up with ideas, depending on your specialty and target audience, record short videos, and tailor them using a myriad of interesting audio and visual editing tools, easily accessible in the feature. If your reel lands a spot on the Explore page, it can also be seen by people not following you, hence, more chances of growth for your account.

For Photographers, who are already pros at sharing captivating visual details, the feature could serve as a bonus, if used thoughtfully, and could be of great aid in advancing their accounts.

If you are a photographer, looking for ideas and inspiration for Instagram reels, here are a few to get you going.

1. Sneak Peeks of Upcoming Projects

If you have any new photography projects lined up, sharing teasers on reels can be a great way to stimulate the followers’ interest without giving away too much. Depending on your niche you can plan the content of sneak peeks, and schedule them beforehand, to keep yourself overdoing or underdoing it.

2. Quick Photography Tips

Don’t just share photography tips using expensive gadgets. Rather, share content that is relatable for common people as well, or people who are newbies and not ready to spend money on shiny tools just yet. Share tips or tutorials on how to do photography on a budget, on an iPhone or an Android, and tutorials of editing apps like Lightroom or Canva, etc.

3. Studio Tour or a Look into your Gadgets

You can share how YOU do your work. A quick tour of the equipment you use, the place you work at, and how you have styled it to make it comfortable for you. Since we are amidst a pandemic and most people are home-bound, ideas about how to revamp your home office so that it stimulates your creativity and keeps you motivated can also add value to your content.

4. Behind the Scenes and Bloopers

A lot goes on behind the scenes, right? Props, settings, the mess, countless takes, etc, etc. Behind the scenes set up doesn’t look as charming as the final products, but it makes the people see the hard work and imagination that goes into the creation process. Don’t hesitate to show that side of your camera through reels.

5. Hop on the Challenge Bandwagon

Another more fun way to use Instagram reels is to track the ongoing photography or related challenges and if you notice any new ones, get yourself on board asap. Participating in popular challenges is a great way to bring visibility to your account. Or maybe start a new challenge and ask your followers to join in.

These are a few ideas to stimulate your creative brains. Don’t forget to experiment and maintain your individuality to stand out.

Sadia Zubair

A psychology graduate with a keen interest in reading fiction, writing, sleeping, and overthinking (yikes!)

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