5 Educational Institutes Doing Social Media Right

We live in the age of digital marketing, and given that fact, every brand and institution are optimizing their marketing strategy to get their voice and message heard across their audience. And this includes educational institutes. But even in this competitive environment, some educational institutes are just doing a next-level job of it compared to the rest. Here’s a list of 5 national as well as international institutes doing social media right!

University of Hertfordshire

Aligning not just their goals but also their marketing strategies according to modem demands, the University of Hertfordshire has a few of the most creative and visually aesthetic designs that any institute would have a little difficulty competing with.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is good not only with its own marketing but they make a point to have different accounts representing different departments that make it convenient for students and others to find whatever is relevant to their needs without too much trouble. Their designs are good and different to look at.

Habib University


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Taking a unique approach to digital marketing, Habib University pays obvious attention to its digital marketing strategies, a priority that other educational institutes in Pakistan don’t want to pay attention to. Their designs are creative, copies on-point, and the message delivered in them clearly state the goals of modernity the university conveys as a whole.


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The esteemed ACCA body of global professional accountants isn’t just accurate in its courses. It’s also accurate with its marketing given its clearcut designs and copies that are unique yet determinant of the association’s message. Their approach to marketing is what should inspire educational institutes to become better with their digital strategies.


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The Millennium Universal College (TMUC)

TMUC has its campuses spread across different major cities of Pakistan and their social media accounts are proof of the dedication the university provides to digital marketing. It recognizes the vitality of digital media while targeting its audience, and its design objectives are representative of that recognition. If you pay even a little attention, you will feel the different and refreshing social media approach that TMUC has when it comes to marketing.

These are the educational institutes that, in my view, are doing a great job when it comes to being part of the rapid-growing digital platforms. In the end, it’s not just the creative designs but also how they’re delivering their message and to what extent they’re making it clear to understand them that matters when it comes to social media.

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