Is Khaadi’s New Logo a Good Idea?

Rebrands are a thing companies do when they’re bored with their identities. But saying that would be crude, so let’s rephrase.

Rebranding is a crucial process in a brand’s growth process. It means that it has grown enough to feel comfortable in its own identity and wants to change how it looks. It also opens up a whole debate over whether the brand has lost its mind or is establishing a streak of genius. And that’s what social media is wrapped up in today as Khaadi revealed its new logo with the campaign, “Redefining Our Mark”.

“Starting from a single thread, our story has unraveled over the years to become even more exciting. Stay with us as we create the mark of expression.”

According to this video and their statement, Khaadi is out to make a mark of expression by redefining its identity as a brand. But being one of the biggest retail fashion brands in Pakistan, did it really have to go for such a drastic change in their logo to do that? If Khaadi’s objective was to get people to talk about them, they’ve achieved that alright. People had a lot of comments about the new rebrand on their Instagram account, ranging from happy comments like, “Old logo was unique but this is also good” to some pretty negative reactions like, “But why? You guys literally had one of the best logos on your hands. How is this a smart marketing move?” and, “The previous was literally one of the iconic logos amongst all brands. It was minimalistic, classy, and resonated with the brand ideology. This one looks like a tacky mango ice cream advert with the worse choice of font.”

‘My advice would be to call this a summer collection campaign for the time being and then go back to the previous one or at max revise the old one a bit.”

We agree with the points raised by these people, and to be fair, it’s a bit late even in Karachi for them to launch a summer campaign with this branding, so the logo is probably here to stay. But is it the best they could do? Let’s discuss this in light of the previous brandings they’ve had.

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Since its foundation in 1999, Khaadi has been consistent with its logo, with the loomer’s hand weaving fabric and that’s always defined the brand’s identity – one that started from a single thread in the loom to a 20-year-old veteran brand. Recently, they even removed the word “Khaadi” from their logo, that was how consistent their identity was. So why the current move?

The most obvious reason for this is modernization. Khaadi started off as a very traditional, old-school brand, and their logo depicted that idea. Even though they have been modernizing themselves with their designs and with their brand Chapter 2, the new logo could be a final step to them rebranding themselves as one for the people of today.

Another reason could be that this logo is their way of being recognized and liked by a younger audience. With their western line, graphic tees, and accessory ranges, they’ve already entered the younger market dynamics and this could be another step in the way of that.

But the question stands: is the new logo the best way to do it? Design wise, it kind of makes you wonder why they’d go from an elegant loom to a cloud like design for their vector. Even the font isn’t as refined as their previous one, and all in all it looks like a logo for a new brand rather than a seasoned one. However, there is the fact that while it may look amateurish, the brand’s strong position will still cover the faux pas that is the new branding.

What do you think of the new logo? Do you think it’s a step in the right direction or is it really a mistake that the brand cannot recover from?

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