5 Brutal Truths To Accept To Progress Fast In Life

People often get stuck in a weird labyrinth of dreaming their future but not really doing much to reach their goals. This is because we as humans become used to our comfort zones and are too stubborn to accept certain brutal truths about life. It is a daunting time where everything appears to be subject to change, and still, you might feel you should get it all worked out and ready to move ahead and progress. Here are 5 brutal truths that you must accept to progress fast in life.

1. Do people even care? (Pst. they don’t.)

This is a tough one. Most of the time we refuse to get out of our comfort zone to try something new because we don’t want people around us to judge us. Well, forget about the people because I’m sure even they’d be motivated by you once you get over this fear. Everyone has something or the other going on in their life, so what you do does not concern them as much as you think it does.

2. Read. Read. Read…

As much as you hate reading, trust me, it can be worth your time. Reading the right stuff can really get you places. Pick up that book, if it does not work for you, pick another, and so on. Finishing a good book is a heavenly feeling that I think everyone should get to feel. Find the genres that you will enjoy the most and make reading a hobby. Also, do not let the people around you judge you for what you’re reading as it can do nothing but demotivate you.

3. …And practice just as much.

Practice really makes perfect. If you want to get good at something, practice is your only hope. May it be a concept of mathematics, learning how to paint clouds, being a good public speaker, or just learning how to read fast, practicing can really bring a change in your life. No matter how tedious a task might seem, you must know that without learning it properly, you probably cannot ace it.

4. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

You have to stop hanging on to tomorrow. If you want to do something, do it today. Keeping things for tomorrow does nothing but make that task 10 times more difficult to commit to. Once you stop expecting yourself to be more productive tomorrow and do the required tasks on the same day, you’ll realize how simple the task was in the first place (biggest example, writing this blog).

5. Listen more. Seriously.

The biggest gift you can give someone is listening to them. Everyone loves being listened to. I’m sure even you don’t like it when people don’t pay attention to what you’re saying. Listen to what others are saying and give them the time and respect that they deserve. It can benefit you just as much.

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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