4 Pakistani Brands Who’ve Taken Fashion Advertisement To A Whole New Level

When it comes to the fashion industry everything, from images to advertisements and the message given in those advertisements, needs to be just the right amount of perfect. You don’t want to underdo it, so as to not turn the audience away and neither do you want to overdo it, for similar reasons as the former.

While a lot of Pakistani brands are doing an excellent job of advertising their products, when we talk about fashion, there are but a few brands that have taken their game to the next phase of advertising. In this blog, we talk about 4 Pakistani brands who have taken fashion advertisements to the next level.

1. Generation

A brand determined to provide exactly what it’s named after – a Generational blend of traditional and modern fashion choices. Generation takes its advertisement to the next level by constantly raising a voice against social issues and stereotypes and promoting empowerment. Covering a range of issues from body image stereotypes to promoting the idea of accepting different skin tones, Generation always tries to send a message through their campaigns that go beyond just advertising their products

2. Khaadi

The brand that removed their name from their stores because their popularity means the symbol is enough to get them recognized, Khaadi is known for its innovative yet traditional approach to designing dresses. Khaadi makes it a point to advertise that tradition and innovation in unique ways that make the message they’re delivering clear to the audience. A store that started small and became an instant success, they’ve always tried to display that richness and homeliness in not just their products but also their marketing.

3. Ali Xeeshan

Ali Zeeshan likes to call himself a storyteller, and that’s what the brand portrays through his advertisements as well. The brand makes a rich and traditional fashion statement through all its designs, and these designs are marketed in a similar fashion as well. A modern touch to an age-old culture, Ali Zeeshan lives up to the storytelling objective.

4. Zellbury

A brand that is aligned with the needs of the current era of youth and how to reach them, Zellbury knows what’s up and they make sure to deliver accordingly. With their target being primarily the millennials, their tone and creatives are combined perfectly to send their message. Recently, the brand collaborated with Irfan Junejo to bring the audience Pakistan’s first vertically shot advertisement – the objective being to reach their audience directly and conveniently on their phone’s screens rather than going with the old-age concept of t.v. and print media. Not just that, but all of their advertising tactics take an adaptive and forward-thinking approach that allows the youth to instantly get attracted to the brand and stop to watch them while scrolling through their timelines.

With the age of advertising and marketing shifting to digital platforms, it’s refreshing to see brands not just get aligned with this shift but also take a youth-focused approach to reach their audience. No one wants to see the same old designs, ideas, and stereotypes play out in front of them, and Pakistani brands are slowly adapting to that fact and bringing noticeable changes in their patterns of advertising.

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