3 Times Brooklyn Nine Nine Was A Great Show For Everyone

All of us sitcom fans know that comedy is not the only important thing in a show to keep us watching, we need some time to time suspense and drama to keep us hooked! Brooklyn 99 has proved several times to be more than just a classic comedy series and in this blog post, we will look at my top 3 favorite episodes that can fit in every genre!

1- S.5 Ep.14 “The Box”

Often ranked as one of the top episodes, “the box” revolves around an intense interrogation performed by our favorites: Jake Peralta and Captain Raymond Holt. Suspects’ strategy of plotting both the cops against each other make us viewers bite our nails, but the “dumb cop, smart cop” strategy played by Holt unravels the best abilities of Jake as a detective when he cracks the suspect who thought he had planned and performed the perfect crime. Oh, and let’s not forget the depicted father-son relationship in this episode that we all love to see. Even though none of the other Nine-Nine squad was present, this episode proved to be a perfect blend of comedy and suspense leaving us wanting more!

The Box - Brooklyn Nine Nine

2- S.5 Ep.20 “Show Me Going”

Allowing us to see the emotional side of our favorite squad (and even Holt’s who often appears robotic when it comes to emotions), in this episode, Nine-Nine gets the news that Detective Diaz is caught in an active shooter situation which has also suffered police casualties. Everyone relies on Peralta for emotional support whereas he decides to go against Holt’s orders to try to help Diaz. However, he ditches his instinct and remains put until the safe return of Diaz. The tense and suspenseful atmosphere of this episode highlights the deep relationships this full-of-fun squad has developed with their least emotional detective.

Show Me Going - Brooklyn Nine Nine

3- S.6 Ep.8 “He Said, She Said”

Definitely the favorite episode of every female viewer, “He Said, She Said” showcases the gender-based difficulties faced by females in their professional and daily lives. Amy and Jake investigate a sexual assault case where the victim is ready to let it go. But Amy is not willing to let the assaulter go off the hook so easily, and near the end of the episode, Amy reveals her own similar experience which had made the case so important to her. Amy’s dedication to the case makes us relate to the character deeply. The speechlessness of Jake represents the unawareness of this issue in our male-dominant society. Never have I ever seen a tv show raise such an issue so boldly! Balancing the seriousness of this episode, Holt chases his apparently dead nemesis, giving us the perfect amount of comedy.

He Said, She Said

These types of episodes make Brooklyn 99 an amazing show that it is. Let us know your favorite episodes and what makes them so special. NINE NINE!

Seemal Khan

Fashion textiles and design student who loves creating anything and everything! Can be occasionally addicted to Netflix.

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September 29, 2020 5:10 pm

This was really interesting to read. Was hooked till the end!!

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