Squid Game Season Two – All you need to know

Squid Game is currently Netflix’s most popular show. A survival game based on children’s games of the past, it’s a dystopian telling of a story that may be a mix of Takeshi’s Castle, Hunger Games, and Black Mirror. Sounds interesting, right? And while the show may have its flaws, it’s a roller coaster ride you don’t want to miss.

Once you watch it, if you are an avid fan who obsesses over everything to get over their post-tv show hangover, you’d also be curious about Squid Game season two: is it going to happen? When, how, etcetera, etcetera. In that case, we have news, and you may even like it.

In a discussion with Variety, Hwang Dong-hyuk – the creator of the show, discussed a possibility of a second season of the show, but he mentioned he definitely won’t be doing it alone, as he has done the first time.

For season one, Hwang was the sole writer, and it has been such a hit that even internet service providers have sued Netflix over a surge in traffic, while South Korean media stocks have skyrocketed.

However, as of now, he doesn’t have any solid plans for season 2. He admits he finds it quite tiring even thinking about it, which every creative person who has worked their time off in a successful project would understand. But he hasn’t ruled out the idea of a second season and has even considered the idea of using multiple writers and directors for the project.

In a very relatable instance, Hwang also mentioned he isn’t a great team player, which was why the first season was created and written by him alone, but he wants to change that.

Borrowed from Dystopias of the past

If you like me thought the show had a striking resemblance to the stories of Hunger Games, and various Black Mirror episodes, you will be interested in knowing that the show has borrowed heavily from past dystopian Japanese films like As The Gods Will and Battle Royale. Hwang Dong-hyuk mentions he has been greatly inspired by such comics and animations over the years and when he started writing Squid Game back in 2008, he spent a lot of his time reading comics like Liar Game and Battle Royale.

According to him, he placed himself in those games and realized they were too complex and that was where he decided to use kids’ games instead of creating complex ones.

The biggest non-English show in the world

In the tech conference, Code 2021, Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos announced that Squid Game is on track to becoming the biggest non-English show in the world, and it could very well be Netflix’s biggest show ever. It’s also the first South Korean show to top the US Netflix charts, and part of the reason is the nostalgia it evokes with its games. So if you still haven’t watched the show, we’ll suggest you jump the bandwagon ASAP.

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