10 Web Directories That Still Have Value

What Is A Web Directory?

Web directory, also known as link directory or subject directory, is a list of businesses and websites available on the internet. In a web directory, there are entries and links of websites organized into categories and subcategories that allow its users to easily browse their required information.

Which Web Directories Still Have Value?

Previously, web directories were the main thing for SEO but after the changes that transformed the Google algorithm, they got devalued. Directories that were related to people and businesses still have value today, the following are 10 web directories that still keeps value:

1) Google My Business:

Google My Business - Web Directories

Google My Business is an easy tool for businesses through which they can make the presence of their business online, including maps and search. People can verify and edit their business information for helping the customers to find and gain information about the business.

2) Bing Places:

Bing Places - Web Directories

After Google, Bing is the second largest search engine in the world. On Alexa, Bing is highly ranked and also has a good share in search. Bing Places is a free service that enables people to add their businesses on listings for showing them in local search results and make them more visible to customers.

3) Yahoo:

Yahoo - Web Directories

Yahoo is the third most popular web service provider in the world that incorporates a search engine and a web directory. People can benefit a lot from Yahoo by adding their business listing to it. The engine can bring in a lot of new and seasoned web users to your business because of its popularity.

4) Yelp:

Yelp - Web Directories

Yelp is commonly used in the US and it’s one of the most popular web directories with millions of unique visitors every month. If you want customers to find your business, you must have your business on yelp with positive reviews.

5) Yellow Pages:

Yellow Pages - Web Directories

Yellow pages are businesses’ telephone directories that are categorized alphabetically by their names. Yellow pages web directories are printed on yellow paper for non-commercial listings.

6) TripAdvisor:

TripAdvisor - Web Directories

Founded by Kaufer, Steinert, Shanny, and Palka in February 2000. TripAdvisor is a travel directory that includes all information required for traveling purposes. It also offers online hotel reservations and different bookings to make tours easy.

7) Foursquare:

Foursquare - Web Directories

Foursquare is a web directory for local search that provides a listing for all kinds of local businesses with their reviews. Foursquare provides you with recommendations of places to visit near your location.

8) Better Business Bureau:

Better Business Bureau

It is a web directory that’s designed for trust reviews of businesses. On BBB, customers can find or recommend brands that can be trusted. BBB helps people to avoid fraudulent websites and remain safe from any kind of trust issue.

9) Local.com:


Local.com is another old, huge, and established web directory for local searches that helps people to find all the local businesses. Local will let you get directions to your required business and also provide you with customer reviews that will help you know about the business.

10) HotFrog:


Launched in 2005, Hotfrog is a local listing web directory. Their specialty is that they allow businesses to add free promotional content like press releases to their profiles. A Hotfrog profile lets you create demand for your business by telling about the uniqueness of your business to people.

These are some topmost web directories that still have value and are being used by different businesses. What do you think about this list? Feel free to comment.

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