Why Gilmore Girls will always stay relevant

Have you ever had those days when you couldn’t find it in you to focus on your work or the people around you, and wanted to watch something so nice and comforting that it felt like drinking a hot cup of coco on a winter afternoon? Gilmore Girls is that show for me. It is a series that centers on a wholesome yet realistic mother-daughter relationship, family, and community in the fictional small town of Stars Hollow.

Originally aired in 2000, the show was not considered one of the best ones back then and thus, did not win many awards, mostly because the industry was quite conservative when it came to shows written and directed by women. But through time, and the amazing powers of Netflix, the show has gained hype over the years, and is now considered to be one of the greatest ones out there, mostly because of millennial nostalgia as well as its storytelling format.

Staying relevant 14 years since its last episode aired on TV is something that Gilmore Girls does effortlessly. Let’s discuss some of the major reasons why that relevance will stay for years to come.

Mothers and daughters and more…

A show exclusively about a relationship between a 16-year-old girl and her 30 something single mom is something that wasn’t as common back in the 2000s, and it was done better than most of the movies and tv series that were being produced back then. Lorelai and Lorelai – nevermind let’s call her Rory – are a mother-daughter duo that people have fallen in love with, either because they can relate with them too well or find the love here that they felt was missing in their lives. Their love lives, their fights, their wittiness, and their joys, make up a huge part of the show.

But then comes the relationship between Lorelai and her mother, Emily Gilmore. This is one duo which more people come to relate with as well, but the character arcs throughout the show are something that make it more loveable.

Mothers and daughters and more - Gilmore Girls

Pop culture referencing done right

There’s always pop culture references when it comes to Stars Hollow. Though a lot of people might find them a bit ancient, they’re still quite relevant if you’re a music junkie like me and love the old rocks just as much as the Gilmores do.

Pop culture referencing

The unskippable theme song

My only solution for fixing my bad day is watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, and my mood gets better soon after I listen to the theme song. It’s just SO WHOLESOME! Even after years of watching and rewatching the show, I’ve never gotten tired of the song.

The unskippable theme song - Gilmore Girls

We love Stars Hollow

With the small-town charm, the festivals, and the many holidays, who wouldn’t fall in love with Stars Hollow? Though sometimes it might feel a lot like a Desi community, with the likes of Miss Patty and Babette keeping an eye on your every move of every member of the town. But the love the community has for each other, even the most eccentric ones like Kirk, is what’s so great about the town.

We love Stars Hollow

Lane’s problems are still very, very real and relevant to a lot of kids out there

We love Rory and Lorelai and their daily happenings, of course, but for me, the most relevant character in the show was Lane Kim. Trying to live her life while also trying not to hurt her very religious and conservative mother, sounds familiar within the context of Pakistan, right?

Lane’s problems

Love is confusing, and the Gilmores know that too well

Love isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. It’s many uncomfortable conversations, confrontations and compromises which make up a relationship, may those be with a partner, parents or friends. Even the best of relationships aren’t free of compromises, and that’s what I love about this show. It shows us how relationships don’t always have to be perfect to be real, and that’s something that many writers definitely need to learn from Gilmore Girls.

Love is confusing - Gilmore Girls

Rory’s a nerd and she loves being one

Rory, no matter how pretty or witty she is, still loves being a complete nerd. And unlike other pop-culture nerds, she doesn’t feel the need to be considered cool by her peers to be successful and acknowledged, and neither does Paris, her former nemesis. And, most importantly, the show also doesn’t focus on education vs. relationships, unlike many new movies and series making this plotline a part of their story and wanting us to take it seriously.

Rory’s a nerd

Honestly, I’ll just watch the show for Luke’s Diner

Spending hours and hours in Luke’s Diner talking to a friend, reading a book through the many distractions of the place, or maybe even just people-watching in that place is something I dream of doing way too often for it to be okay, and that is all because of how great the vibe of the Diner is throughout the show. Give me a compilation of all the scenes from Luke’s Diner, and I’ll watch it on repeat.

Luke’s Diner - Gilmore Girls

There’s honestly way too much to love about Gilmore Girls to be able to list them all down here. From the amazing, fast dialogues to the timeless fashion to Michel’s French accent to the wholesomeness of the show, there is rarely any reason why the show won’t still be relevant for the years to come. We suggest you watch it, and then rewatch it 10 more times as every fan does.

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