Top 9 WordPress Security Plugins Every Business Should Know

What are security plugins on WordPress?

Security plugins are add-ons available on WordPress that can enhance the security of your website to prevent any type of breach, hacking, brute force attack, or malware attack. Many of the plugins that are available on WordPress are free, but if you want to upgrade, you may pay for it. You can simply go to the Plugins section on WordPress and install your required plugin from there.

Why are security plugins important on WordPress?

On the internet, many people keep visiting your site with so many minds that you can’t judge their intentions. If an intruder visits your website and tries to damage it, the security plugin that’s installed on your website can prevent this and save you from anything that can happen badly. Also, security plugins can help in scanning your website for malware and vulnerabilities. Therefore, installing security plugins to your WordPress website is a mandatory thing to do.

Which WordPress security plugins should you use?

Following are some of the best and top-rated security plugins that can help protect your website from any type of malware attack or hacking attempt:

1) Wordfence Security:

Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin

It’s the most popular free security plugin available on WordPress. Wordfence provides an endpoint firewall and security scanner for your website to block malicious traffic, hacking attempts, and malware. It gives an alert on security events like administrative logins, wrong passwords, and other intruding activities. In the paid (premium) version of Wordfence, various significant features like country blocking, real-time IP block list, and real-time firewall are available.

2) iThemes Security:

iThemes WordPress Security Plugin

iThemes Security is one of the top security plugins that are commonly used on WordPress. It gives you 30+ ways of protecting your website. iThemes Security plugin helps to prevent intruders, strengthen user passwords, remove vulnerabilities, fix common issues, and stop automated attacks. Pro features of iThemes include 2FA, malware scan scheduling, Google reCAPTCHA, and much more.

3) All in One WP Security & Firewall:

All in One WP Security

It helps to add extra security features to your WordPress website and save you from suspicious activities, malware, and vulnerabilities. AIO WP Security categorizes its firewall into basic, intermediate, and advanced features for good functionality‌; it has almost every ‌security treatment for WordPress. The security plugin can be translated into eleven different available languages.

4) Shield Security:

Shield Security Plugin

Shield Security plugin is a very easy to set up plugin on WordPress. It protects your website and gives alerts on security events. Like the AIO Security plugin, it also has almost every security aid for your WordPress website. Its pro features include a theme hack detection scanner, vulnerabilities detector, 2FA, and much more.

5) Loginizer:


Loginizer’s free features include brute force protection, failed sign-in attempts log, blacklist IPs, whitelist IPs, custom error messages on failed login, permission check for important files and folders. Pro features of Loginizer are also great and can ‌protect your WordPress website more.

6) Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall:

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

This security plugin can help your website to be free from threats. Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall can remove all new and old threats from your website. Premium features of this plugin include a wp-login patch and XMLRPC for preventing brute force attacks, integrity checking of your WordPress core files, and more.

7) BulletProof Security:

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security provides malware scanning, firewall, anti-spam, login security, and more. It’s easy to install, a very effective, highly rated, and highly used security plugin. The pro version of the BulletProof Security plugin also includes lots of features that can help protect your website.

8) Cerber Security:

Cerber Security

It defends your WordPress website against hackers, viruses, and spam. Cerber Security limits login attempts with the help of login form, XML-RPC / REST API requests, or by using auth cookies to prevent brute force attacks. This plugin has many useful features that can help your website’s security.

9) Sucuri Security:

Sucuri Security

It’s one of the most recognized and highly used security plugins for WordPress. Sucuri Security can protect your website with the help of its outstanding features like activity auditing, file integrity monitoring, remote malware scanning, and security hardening. Most people love to integrate this plugin with their website because of its reliability.

These are some of the best WordPress for custom WordPress design, security plugins to protect websites that every business should know about. What do you think about the article? Feel free to comment.

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