The Rights And Wrongs Of A Content Execution Plan

In the past few years, digital marketing has gained unmatchable momentum, and the reason behind that is the ease and convenience social and digital platforms provide businesses to market their products. But only real marketers, those who have spent hours and hours understanding the working of the different algorithms and auction systems, know that while it’s easy to take digital marketing as a piece of cake, it’s not as simple as it sounds.
To be successful while marketing your brand on digital or social platforms, you need to be mindful of the three very important rules that can build your brand and can very easily break it too. The rules are:

  • Post the right story
  • For the right people
  • At the right time

That’s it! These three right rules can be a simple, yet effective way to understand the basic working of social media. Let’s explore these rules in detail in this blog.

Right Story:

Your story is your message, the piece of communication that you want to post on behalf of your brand. It doesn’t have to be detailed or too elaborate – it just has to communicate the precise message you want to give. Be it a post, a video, a PR message, or a blog, the kind of content you put out on your social platforms can determine the tone and creativity of your brand. Let your brand be the main character of your story, and let your copy or tagline determine the perception or positioning of your brand.

Why focus on the right story? Because attention spans, especially in the age of extreme digital usage, are very low. Thus, the content you put out needs to be just right enough to grab attention. But wait, your story isn’t the only factor to focus on. The next factor is…

Right People:

Knowing the people your brand caters to makes a world of difference. Suddenly, you find yourself making content for those people, the type of content that can grab attention, engage, and even convert your audience into customers. Writing or creating content for the right people makes your content valuable, which is why it is important to know who your audience is and then create the right content for those right people.
How to identify your ideal audience? Do your research, create a buyer persona, and go on conquering the digital world!

Right Time:

Timing makes all the difference, especially when your audience is always waiting for that offer, that valuable service that can fulfill their wants. In the world of innumerable demands, the right content posted at the right time can click instantly with your users, and work wonders for your brand.

Executing these rules:

Now let’s presume that you’ve followed the three right rules and executed your content strategy as identified, but didn’t get the right results. What then? How to identify what went wrong? Here’s a checklist that can help you.

The idea-content-execution analysis

When you create content, there are three phases that it goes through – Ideation, creation, and execution. It’s the execution phase that includes the three right rules, but the former two phases are equally important. Going amiss in even one of the phases can cost you your strategy. Let’s take a look at how this can happen:

Right Idea – Wrong Content – Right Execution

Say you have the right idea, it just clicks and even you would convert if you saw the post created on that idea. But then when it comes to content creation itself, you write a copy that’s too complicated or design a post that doesn’t resonate with your audience. Now if that happens, even if you execute this post within the right audience and at the right time, it won’t perform. Instead, it will lead to zero engagement, traffic, or footfall on your digital assets.

Right Idea – Right Content – Wrong Execution

Now say, your idea is amazing, the content just clicks, but then when executing the campaign, you fall short and either target the wrong audience or misjudge the timing of your campaign – like offering a discount during a national emergency, targeting the wrong age group for a product, or trying to oversell and unable to meet demands as a result. This can severely affect your business, and while it may bring great engagement and traffic on your assets, it can also result in bad PR.

Right Idea – Right Content – Right Execution

The magic spell, the perfect trio – this is the combination you should be aiming for. It’s okay to miss one of these steps while running your digital campaigns but remember – practice makes perfect. The correct combination of ideation to execution doesn’t just come to you on your first try. But it’s important to know the steps that can lead you in the right direction so that when something goes wrong, you can take a step back to analyze and correct your strategy.

Zainab Abdul Rehman

Content and strategy specialist with a head full of ideas that I never get time to execute.

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