Slack Vs. Asana – What Project Management Tool You Should Use

Project management is the process that includes the application of methods, knowledge, skills, and experience to lead the teamwork to achieve desired goals as per preset criteria and parameters. The primary motive of project management is to reach your desired point of achievement within the set time limits.

Project Management Tool

A project management tool helps you perform your tasks very efficiently and effectively. These tools help make your business projects more aligned and efficient to track, making it easier to achieve your goals.



Slack is a tool that helps you communicate more efficiently with your team to perform multiple tasks with proper understanding. It’s a messaging app with robust features for collaborating with a number of people at the same time.



Asana is a great tool that can help you ‌work in a modern and effective way by dividing the main project’s tasks into small pieces and assigning them to your team members. It helps you to reach your goals within the set timelines, as you can create tasks, subtasks, describe the work, exchange files, comments, specify deadlines, setting priority, keep track of the progress, marking them complete or incomplete, etc.

Slack Vs. Asana – Overview

This comparison aims to give you a better idea of the features both these project management tools possess and to help you choose which one will be a better software for your business management.

1) Basic Features


Slack can help improve your communication with the team for better outputs. It’s beneficial to bring everything in one place that makes it easy to find when needed.


Asana basically helps in task management; it allows team members to assign tasks to each other and easily review and follow through with them. Using it makes everything well managed and improves the performance of your business.

2) Plans


Slack offers four plans for its users. The prices are slightly higher than Asana’s prices. They provide the following plans according to the business requirements.
Free – For small businesses that want to try Slack.
Standard – For the medium-sized businesses that want some extra features as compared to the free version.
Plus – For large businesses with additional administrative features.
Enterprise Grid – For enterprise-level businesses or industries that want a lot of features to meet their all requirements.

To check the recent prices of their plans, click here.


Asana also provides four plans to their customers at lower comparative prices. They are mentioned as follows.
Basic – For teams that just want to get started with Asana free of cost.
Premium – For the teams that want an addition to the basic features.
Business – For those teams or companies that want to work on a large scale.
Enterprise – For those businesses that require more features including better control, security, and support.

To check the recent prices of their plans, click here.

3) Management


Slack enables you to manage your tasks efficiently with the help of various features such as starring or pinning your message, creating to-do lists, integrating third-party apps, etc.


Asana provides you with various options to manage your tasks i.e. an extensive dashboard showing all your tasks with their information, including deadlines, priority, status, etc. Also, it provides an amazing sidebar with multiple features and a page switching option.

4) Availability


Slack is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux. As compared to Asana, Slack is compatible with more operating systems.


Asana is available for desktop and mobile devices (both Android and iOS).

5) Users


Comparatively, Slack is used a lot more than Asana. As it’s a messaging app, it’s more commonly used among people.


Asana is an app much suited to businesses, hence it’s a lot more complex and not used very commonly by people.

These are some differences between Slack Vs. Asana. Both the management tools can help you perform your tasks, but the one you choose depends on your business management needs.

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Carolyn Berry
Carolyn Berry
January 4, 2021 7:39 pm

I use Restyaboard, another project management tool that helps to perform our tasks very efficiently and effectively. This tool helps make my business projects more aligned and efficient to track, making it easier to achieve my goals.

Safeer E Hussain
Safeer E Hussain
Reply to  Carolyn Berry
January 5, 2021 10:03 am

Looks interesting, let us research 😁

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