5 Project Management Tools To Use In 2021

Project management tools are an essential part of every organization to align tasks among different departments and team members. These tools not only help in the assigning of different tasks but also help supervisors look over what every individual is doing and how they’re performing throughout the week.

Although many project management tools have been part of the corporate world since a long time, with the Covid-19 lockdowns in place, these management tools became the most efficient source of looking over office work as everyone sat at home and face-to-face supervision wasn’t possible. Hence, these tools became an even bigger part of the corporate world with their advanced features and updates that made it easier for teams to connect virtually. Following are some of the best project management tools to use in 2021.

1. Asana:


Asana incorporates project management, file storage, and collaboration components and helps to handle tasks without email within a team.

Here are some features of Asana:

  • Break down the job into assignments and distribute it to team members.
  • Organize the duties into roadmap and timetable tasks.
  • Review achievement and check the success of your team.
  • Get informed about updated projects.
  • Project dashboards that provide a quick overview of tasks.

Asana is very easy to use, with a simplified design. Check it out if you are a small team of projects that are not too complicated.

2. Trello:


Trello is known for visualizing projects on a cardboard that is excellent for handling daily tasks that are short and fast.


  • Quick tasks that can be managed on cardboard.
  • Making unlimited task lists.
  • Exchange of images and files.
  • Organizing things according to dates and goals.
  • Commenting and cooperation.

Trello is the most visual way for teams to work on any project, from startups to fortune 500 firms.

3. Microsoft Project:

Microsoft Project

Microsoft project helps streamline the management of a project, capital, portfolio, etc. 20+ million people use this project tool.


  • Scheduling and costing ventures.
  • Administration of capitals.
  • Timelines of projects.

4. Basecamp:


For thousands of project management teams, which enjoy its modern social media-like interface and carefree team collaboration features, basecamp is the chosen app.


  • Projects for handling the work of many users.
  • Discuss new projects or concepts through message boards.
  • In-app partnership with the management.
  • Plan success reporting.
  • Separate dashboards to show customers.
  • Notifications via email and desktop.

It is free for teachers and students.

5. Podio:

Podio is an online hub for work and team collaboration that is versatile and highly customizable.


  • Sharing of encrypted and wide file shares.
  • Automation of sales pipelines, management of project budget, and more.
  • Get an overview of the visual dashboard market.
  • Automating workflow.

These are a few of the most useful project management tools that became popular over the years and keep on improving. Hence, they’re a good list to begin with if you’re looking for tools to manage your tasks in the coming year.

Shari Haider

21 year old Bachelor's student, trying to enjoy and record each and every moment of life.

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