Retail Therapy And Why Does It Work?

Retail therapy is a kind of therapy in which a person goes out shopping in order to boost up their mood; it’s shopping with the main goal of enhancing the mood or behavior of the purchaser. Sometimes seen during times of depression or stress in individuals, it is typically a short-lived habit. Items bought during retail therapy cycles are often referred to as comfort buyers.

Why does it work?

It is observed that unplanned shopping helps in easing the mood of an individual. People who are depressed or afraid feel like they have no control over their surroundings. For them, a common coping strategy is shopping. They are capable of controlling where they go and what they buy. People turn to shop in order to exercise control in a moment where they feel they can’t do anything about their conditions.


1. Relaxation and Escape:

Escape, fun, and revitalization are typically at top of the list when people think of the benefits of “retail therapy”. Online shopping is sort of a mini-mental vacation. It’s a relatively mindless, relaxing activity.

2. Self Achievement:

Retail therapy also includes self-achievement stimuli. Shopping in the sales can be overwhelming, but it’s satisfying and achievement to pick out a few clothing pieces. You could have finally found the right shoes to go with an ensemble or picked up an unbeatable offer from your favorite high street store.


1. Unwanted products:

You may end up buying unnecessary and unwanted goods often. The product may seem useful and attractive, but it is of no real use.

2. Compulsion:

Excessive shopping over and over is not pleasant. It is appropriate to shop once in a while for stress relief, but going on and on without a cap proves to be harmful. It ought not to become a habit.

Ways to reduce retail therapy:

1. Set a budget:

The first and most important way is to set a budget. Take a limited amount of money and leave the rest at home.

2. Find another hobby:

Try to find out another hobby that gives you the same fun as shopping and helps you relieve stress.

Shari Haider

21 year old Bachelor's student, trying to enjoy and record each and every moment of life.

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