One Marketing Tactic That Works For Everyone

What’s the number one thing every marketer needs to do?

Some would say research, others will choose content writing, and a vast majority will probably say customer service management.

If you go to this very second and search for this question, you’ll get a thousand different entries, each listing down a myriad of tasks every marketer should do before they excel at their jobs. You may find something that works for you and may ignore the others. But the one thing that’s common between all those exhaustive lists and search results is one thing: they’ve been tried and tested by the people who’ve made them.

Those lists and blogs are a result of their experience as advertisers, content writers, media buyers, or social media marketers. In fact, for every marketer, to learn the one thing they need to do to get better at their job is to try; try and test every possible way to succeed before they do. And this applies to everyone – to the people writing the blog, and to the ones reading it. You too will have to try and test every list item mentioned in the search result before you succeed at one, and that’s how you know what works.

So now that we’ve gone through this explanation, let’s rephrase the question: What’s the number one thing every marketer needs to do? The answer is to practice and learn with trial and error.

And if you’re still not sold on the answer, here’s why you should consider it:


1. Every brand is different

The first thing to keep in mind is how much your brand differs from everyone else’s. It may be that what works for their brand won’t be as good for yours. Every brand has its own needs and as a result, their requirements of how to fulfill those needs. E.g. what works for a high-end e-commerce brand may not yield the same result for a small-scale dessert shop and so on. Trying and testing give you a clearer idea of how you will reach your objectives to make your brand a success. If one test fails, you take another approach and so on until you get exactly what you want and through this, you’ll also know which path to steer away from.


2. Every marketer works differently

Just like your brand, your perspective and knowledge also differ from others. The concept of individual differences is something every marketer needs to be aware of to know which approach of marketing works for whom and why. When you try and test your marketing approach, it becomes easier to figure out how your marketing needs to be shaped regarding the brand you’re promoting and to whom.


3. Your audience need special attention

Every audience is different, and what you need to prioritize at all times is what your audience expects of you rather than what you think will work for them only because it works for some other audience. You need to pay attention to what your audience expects from your brand and test strategies that work best with those needs. Also, the more you involve your audience in the testing method the better idea you have of what works for them and this will make your job easier and more aligned with the expectations of your target.


4. You cannot copy paste a strategy

As a marketer, you may have a fair idea of how much the lists you find in your Google search come in handy when introducing your strategies. At the end of the day, even after reading all the research possible on the new tactics that you need to introduce, you won’t be able to finalize any one technique unless you try and test it for your brand.


5. A well-thought plan brings the best results

The most important part is that you understand what strategy you are introducing and to what extent you expect it to meet your objectives. You need to have a good proposal prepared to make sure everyone who’s on your team also understands what is being introduced, through which steps it needs to go through and what should be the result. To maximize brand recognition and success, the trying and testing method goes a long way to ensure you achieve it. You just need to plan out the best possible strategies, in the most efficient way, to attain your goal.


In conclusion, whatever seems to be your immediate goal, the try and test method work in all these fields. Behavioral psychologists have worked intensively to explain trial and error theories and every data collected suggests that this method not only clarifies what works, it also determines the techniques that aren’t fruitful when it comes to your brand. This will help you attain the expertise you require to excel in the field of marketing.

Zainab Abdul Rehman

Content and strategy specialist with a head full of ideas that I never get time to execute.

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