Is Telemart Removing Customer Feedback From Their Page?

Social media may have its drawbacks but you’ll agree when I say that it has definitely provided users transparency and choice when it comes to online shopping. Where pre-social media it was time consuming to research and review stores and their credibility, in the current times all you have to do is go through the review section of a store’s website or Facebook page and you’ll get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

But what if said store doesn’t want you to read those reviews at all? At least, not the negative ones?

It’s natural, of course, and it happened today when posts about Telemart started surfacing on various Facebook groups saying that the brand has allegedly flagged all the negative reviews on their page, which has led to Facebook removing them.

Telemart Removing Customer Comments

Not a very good practice, is it?

I mean, it sounds shady but it’s actually very natural. In a time when customer voices are amplified by easy access to the internet and online resources, it’s easier to receive feedback – both positive and negative – from customers. Brands like Telemart rely on such feedback to create trust and reliability in an always fluctuating market, and it’s obvious that they’d prefer positive reviews to negative. But is removing negative feedback from your page the right way to build credibility?

It isn’t, and any move to even justify such an act can backfire for the brand, and the same has happened for Telemart.
Customers who’d posted negative reviews, even those whose feedback was taken and resolved, have come out saying that their review was removed due to copyright infringement. Imagine getting bad service from a brand, and then being told that you can’t even speak about it – anyone would be angry and these customers definitely sound like they are.

Telemart Removing Negative Feedback
Telemart Removed Your Feedback
Removing comments Complaint

For now, all we know is that their misstep may have caused some major backlash for the brand. But until we get an update from the brand itself, we won’t know what caused this issue, and how they plan to get over it.

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