How To Go Clean With Your UI/UX Design?

2020 is the age of technology. And not just any, but fast and effective technology. Your audience nowadays is so used to getting things done with just one touch of a finger while going from website to app to website again, that no one is willing to sit and wait only because your content is not convenient enough to be understood at one-go. When people are moving at such a fast pace, they expect a clean and simple experience that will satisfy the goal for which they came to your portal. Hence, you need to optimize your user experience and interface designs such that you can meet their ends in a faster and better way. But how can you go clean with your UI/UX design? Read this blog to understand.

Simple Fonts

When it comes down to anything that includes important information, your fonts need to be simple. And that is what applies when speaking of user interface or experience. No one comes to your designs to focus on the ‘cool’ fonts you’re using, they want to see proper information that can help them find what they’re looking for. You need to remember that you’re designing something that will help people navigate on your website/app. You’re not designing a rock album cover or a movie poster. Simple is best, especially when it comes to fonts; they make your design look sophisticated and easily understandable.

Simple Fonts - Uber

Content Minimalism

Think of what’s important and what deserves to stay, and prioritize that when designing your app or website. Think of how big platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube do it. They provide a limited to-the-point number of options for performing any task that takes the user exactly where they want to go without confusing or overwhelming them with numerous choices. Providing too many options can end up making the user feel frustrated and they might quit your app altogether. That is something you need to avoid letting happen. Provide simple content that can be navigated through with ease; this is lighter on the brain and doesn’t pressure the user to make too many decisions.

Content Minimalism

More Space

At times, you get everything done the right way; your content is easy to understand, your fonts are simple, and your design fits with your brand’s tone while also catering to the user’s needs. But you still end up making an error that ruins your rating. And that is, you ended up clustering all your content in a limited space, and now a good worthy design looks all jumbled up. This makes users lose interest. Hence, you need to design your content such that it has room to breathe and doesn’t suffocate the user by being overwhelmingly stacked up. More space means better readability.

Lesser Colors

I get that you have an artistically passionate spirit inside of you. That’s fine. But you need to remember that your UI/UX design is NOT your personal canvas. The colours you use on your designs need to be soft, and minimal. Bright colours, and too many of those, can end up making your designs look cheap, for the lack of a better word. Start with monochromatic colour themes, use colours only if there’s an essential need for it, and even then remember not to use too many.

UI/UX Design

Lesser Colors - UI/UX Design

Softer Backgrounds

Your background should be such that it should put your main content on focus, not vice versa. Unless you want users to come to your App/Site only to focus on the background you’ve spent so much time designing (really?). Again, keep it simple. Your background should remain in the background, not scream loudly for the user to pay attention to it instead of the content you’re putting in the spotlight.

UI/UX Design - Softer Backgrounds

Maintain Brand Consistency

This should’ve been obvious since the beginning but in-case you forgot, I’ve mentioned it again. Everything, from your font to your colours to the way you’re delivering your message through your content, should be aligned with the tone of your brand. When your UI/UX designs follow your brand’s tone, they become more authentic for the audience, when things are authentic, they’re clean and easy to trust. Here’s an overview of how ‘Uber’ maintains its tone and consistency across all platforms. You can check out seo companies for accupuncturists, over here!

UI/UX designs - Maintain Brand Consistency

Your UI/UX designs are prioritized to make the audience’s experience easier, convenient, and satisfy their needs. Clean designs are a good way to do so, while also being more memorable and effective in making your content more popular. Hence you need to take all of these things in mind while designing an app/website that is going to attract a lot of users without making their experience an unpleasant one.

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