18 Case Studies For The Design Geek In You

Design is a constantly updating field. To keep in touch with what changes you need to bring to your table and which trends you need to get rid of, it’s important to see how other successful designers work, and what they are or aren’t doing differently to make their designs stand out from the crowd. Case studies help with not only to explain a company’s designing process but also help designers and developers to learn from one another. For this purpose, we’ve come up with a list of 18 case studies that should be helpful for designers, UI/UX, and developers.


1. Revamping and Refreshing Zong Website

Read IO digital’s case study on what went behind rebranding one of Pakistan’s top networks Zong. The objective was to create a new, ‘clutter-free’ website that is user friendly. You can also read more on the behind-the-scenes of the rebranding.


2. (Re)building a Simplified Firefox Logo

A case study that overviews the evolution of Firefox, from its older designs to the new visual changes that have been made to the brand that extends its usage from just being a desktop browser.


3. Designing Facebook Home

The designers behind Facebook Home, Justin Stahl, Francis Luu, Joey Flynn, and Mac Tyler, came together on May 8th to show a behind-the-scenes look at how they combined their goals with design processes to bring you the new Facebook Home.


4. Juventus – Moving the Market Multiple Beyond the Beautiful Game

Italy’s football giants Juventus introduced their new crest which took the football world by storm. Read about how Interface helped redesign Juventus’ old black and white striped crest toward a more modern approach that split the club’s fans into two!


5. Visual Exploration Behind Signal vs Noise

This case looks at how the blog Signal vs Noise was redesigned to look aesthetic, unique, and true to its name. And while the linked blog discussed the design strategy, this brand also has something for developers as they discuss typography and layout for Signal vs Noise. Here’s another instance of the brand’s redesign process where they talk about Reinventing Profile Pictures.


6. Olympics – UX and Design

Nick Haley discusses how BBC delivered the Olympics across desktops, mobiles, tablets, and TVs. The study discusses how different aspects from connectivity between viewing platforms to the experience delivered to the audience according to their needs come into play to make this process a success.


7. Designing a New Playground Brand

The team at Playground explores how the brand has gone through an extensive redesign process to make it what it is today. The study provides an understanding of how the company started out and then gradually matured and how its logo redesigns are a reflection of that growth process.


8. Find Your Way to Oz

A Google Chrome project by Disney, Find Your Way to Oz is an interactive journey through Kansas. This study gives us a look by the author on how the design process came into combining the richness of a cinematic experience and the technicalities of a web browser to bring you a creative experience.


9. Nice Shield Bruh

A case study into how Warner Bros. wanted to redesign its globally recognized logo to become more functional and effective. The redesign process included making the logo modern while also retaining its quirkiness.


10. Adapting to a Responsive Design

A detailed study about how the designers at Cyber-Duck redesigned their entire brand to become more responsive to provide a better user experience.


11. The Art of Storytelling Around an App

This article studies how app designers and developers go through different creative and innovative processes to come up with an App’s story to make it more approachable for the audience.


12. Donuts is Out

The world-renowned brand Dunkin’ Donuts have rebranded themselves to just be called Dunkin. This case study describes how the whole process came to be from what sparked the idea of how it will follow through into the coming generations.


13. Goals, Constraints, And Concept In a Redesign

In this article, the author describes why a redesign was important for their website and which aesthetic concepts and goals were kept to mind to make this entire process possible and successful.


14. What is NOW?

Read about how Pepsi collaborated with CASE to redefine its core values and bring back NOW to a globally diverse audience.


15. Designing Type Systems

To create useful designs, Typographers need to determine not only how characters are relevant to a style, but also how different styles come together to make a design stand-out. The author discusses how this is made possible


16. How to Make Your Own App Promo Cards

Inspired by Starbuck’s promo cards, Mike Swanson decided to create his promo cards for an event. And now you can learn how to make yours


17. A Closer Look at Zoom

FiftyThree explores what inspired the design for their new feature ‘Zoom’ for their paper app and what processes were involved from both the design and development perspectives.


18. The Anatomy of a Successful Logo Redesign

The author of the article studies how MailChimp’s new logo was given just a basic facelift to get a new look which is refreshing and just as cheerful as the previous one.

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