Five Art Accounts That Serve The Best Inspiration For Creative Heads

Instagram is a great platform where you can get inspiration for a lot of things, namely architecture, planning your next outfit, or even learning how to capture flat lays (let’s be honest, why did we normalize them so much?). I use Instagram for art inspiration, which I did not think was possible before, but once you start clicking those buttons and saving those posts, your explore page will do it all for you. There is a diverse range of artists and creators on Instagram. It is a great way to motivate yourself to create more art and try new mediums, and an even better platform to start your own art account. Here are five art accounts that can inspire your creativity as they have done mine:

1. Sandy Gaskett Art (gasbombgirlart)

Being someone who is obsessed with the beach and even more obsessed with paintings of waves (mostly because I can never get them right), Sandy Gaskett’s paintings always inspire me to try and paint more often. Her Instagram account is full of paintings of beaches and waves of water, and the paintings are quite soothing to look at. She paints her seascapes with acrylic paints and even has tutorials for those who want to paint like her.


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2. Banksy (banksy)

For those who do not know, Banksy is an anonymous street artist based in England. He is also known for their political activism and being a film director. Banksy has been active since the ‘90’s and is well known for his amazing techniques of paintings. Other than his skills, the fact that he is anonymous is quite intriguing and makes one more interested in his work. Banksy’s Instagram account has over 10 million followers. His latest projects and paintings appear unannounced but gain traction soon enough.


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3. Sara Shakeel (sarashakeel)

Sara Shakeel is a Pakistani contemporary digital artist whose art is inspired by Swarovski crystals and glitters. What’s even more interesting is that art was not the career that she had previously pursued but now has over 1 million followers on Instagram (and quite a lot of fans, including me). Her art is quite unique and modern. She inspires people through her bold views on body positivity. We all need art that inspires as well as empowers us to express ourselves the same way. Her Instagram account is satisfying to go through if you are someone who loves shiny things.


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4. Katie Smith (studio.katie)

A self-taught artist and painter, and an award winner, Katie Smith is based in Washington. Her Instagram account is full of posts with her experimenting with different painting mediums (such as oil paints, acrylic paints, and also watercolors). She is also well known for her creative scrapbooking, and also has tutorials for someone who would like to start art journaling, in quite a fun and creative way. Her online shop includes illustrations, custom paintings, and also stickers.


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5. Jeannie Dickson (jeanniedicksondesigns)

A watercolorist and an author, Jeannie Dickson has quite an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Other than being expressive, her work includes unique and interesting styles and techniques, ones that are fun to follow and recreate. Her techniques often inspire her fans to create their own unique paintings. She also creates digital art and indulges in hand-lettering.


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