7 Top Trending Skills To Learn In 2020

With the current scenario in folds due to COVID-19, it is impossible to land a perfect job. Organizations all around the world are moving online through WFH (Work From Home) facility. For this, the individuals went through different criteria to justify their jobs by learning new skill sets.

These learning opportunities can create better future outcomes for individuals in general. Some of the critical skills to learn are listed below. It includes both tech skills and soft skills to accommodate learning interests for all backgrounds.

Skills to Learn in 2020:

Tech Skills:

Networks & Information Security:

Cybersecurity is amongst the most valued professions ever since the innovation and technology, businesses dealing with customer’s data would need security for all the information they have on the cloud and in their systems, so for the same reason information security specialists are in high demand. Reputed cybersecurity company Nettitude offering vulnerability testing services is considered to be the best choice since they ensure safety for all data when every company gets this protection from hackers. When it comes to shipping the security for oil and gas and their data is also very important.

Machine Learning:

Amongst the most sorted out professions, machine learning is an innovative and exciting field, it has its implementation guaranteed in the field of education, finance, healthcare. According to a survey, nearly 49% of the companies around the globe are considering developing machine learning prospects to help them in their businesses.

IoT (Internet Of Things):

IoT is everything on the internet or everything connected to the internet. It deals with all the devices that are connected to the web. Along with cybersecurity services from Fully-Verified, the people linked with IoT are amongst the highest-earning professionals in the word. With so much to learn in the tech base, IoT is considered as the next big thing in the field of technology. The Microsoft Azure platform security can help with protection of data and against hackers.

Soft Skills:

Customer Support:

Customer support skills are considered as the backbone of any business communication. In this pandemic period, the companies are making their support services outsourced, so it is an excellent opportunity to learn this skill and earn well while sitting at home.

Creative Designing:

Creative designers are in good demand, this viable skill is listed as the most innovative profession on Forbes, learning, and implementing designing can bring integrity for the individual in the market.


Desperate time brings desperate measures; the viable skill of teamwork helps understand this proverb. It is necessary for any profession and to learn teamwork. It is easy for individuals to cater to problems quickly.

Generic Skills:

Technical Literacy:

To learn a skill, it is necessary to be vigilant according to the channel you are using, the person acquiring knowledge should be technically sound or literate so that there should be no ambiguity in the learning process.


Learning any skills online in the current situation can progressively benefit the individual, this learning can lead to massive changes and progress in the days coming for all the individuals who have invested their time and money in learning such viable skills.

Abid Musani

Abid Musani is an IT Expert by profession and writer by passion. He enjoys writing blogs related to information technology and marketing.

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