7 Rules Of Personal Branding

In the increasingly developing world of social media, becoming an influencer is the new major trend, and everyone is getting on the bandwagon. Whether it be photography, writing, graphic designing or review blogging, anyone who has the knowledge of their niche and the talent to create something in it, is getting in on creating a brand for themselves. If you’re one of the people considering starting a brand that revolves around your personality, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ve shared 7 rules of personal branding that can lead your social media reach to the next level.

1. Be Genuine

The first major rule of creating any brand is to make it genuine. Your policies and practices should go hand-in-hand. When it comes to a personal brand, you need to be authentic. Practice what you preach, live the life you’re displaying through your brand. If you just do things on social media for the sake of trends but don’t believe in them or practice them in real life, then you’re setting yourself up for loss without even realizing it. If a person makes a review account on social media but the products they review don’t even belong to them, that’s a small example of a fake brand.

Live the life you’re displaying to your audience. Or rather, show your audience the life you’re living. That’s the only way to make them trust your authenticity and pay attention to you. Social media today is full of influencers with fake portfolios. You need to be better than that!

2. Be Consistent

You can’t expect your brand to become a success overnight. It needs hard work and dedication from you, and it needs it regularly. Your brand needs a consistent voice to lead it. Success will come later, but at least be aware of where you’re beginning. If you create a brand about spreading mental health awareness but post self-deprecating and judgmental memes, that’s where you’ll lose consistency and your most valuable audience too.

Be alert on the tone your brand establishes, and communicate with that tone instead of choosing an opposite direction from time to time. People underestimate the negative impact of inconsistency and it ends up creating their loss. Make a specific keyword or catchphrase that your audience will recognize you by, make your brand memorable. Consistency is the key to doing that.

3. Tell a Story

Storytelling is something we’ve talked about at length on Mainstream. It’s an important part of any brand’s history as well as of the message they want to send to the audience. Your brand also needs a story. And how you deliver it is of vital importance. Showing an authentic narrative is a major and effective part of personal branding today. And a lot of influencers are not shying away from this fact.

Creating a story entails more than just you talking about your brand endlessly. It’s about creating a part of your brand which your audience can relate and engage with. And posting videos or doing Q&A and live sessions with your audience can go a long way to make them comfortable engaging with you.

4. Accept Failures

When you create a brand or a business, you have to be ready for failure. Naturally, all of us would like to avoid failure as much as possible. But we can’t avoid that it’s a huge part of the learning and growing process. Instant perfection will not lead you to succeed as much as failing a couple of times can. The most successful brands started out with repeated failures and extensive trials and errors. As someone establishing a personal brand, you need to be confident to display yourself and always ready for the ridicule and criticism you will receive from the other end. This is what will make your brand grow into the powerful presence you need it to become.

5. Make a Positive Impact

If you have a voice, use it to create a positive impact. This is not a trend or a motivational quote, rather it’s a necessity in today’s digital world. Influential people may have target only one specific audience or another, but their presence can be seen by people from all parts of the world and of all ages. And if you think the things you say don’t have a major impact on your audience, then I’d suggest you don’t build yourself into a brand either. Your voice has an impact, and a strong one. Use it to try and change people’s perspectives for the good. One of the most beneficial parts of influencer marketing and personal branding is the impact it has on people individually. And yet, this is the most misused part of social media today.

Run awareness campaigns, spread positive lessons, make people alert on current issues, and help give them tips to overcome them. Don’t let your personal brand become part of the already existing media noise that’s trending nowadays. Be different, and good different.

6. Be Human

None of your audience would want to talk to a wall. Display your emotions, be a human being. Make your audience feel comfortable like you would make a guest, actually make your audience feel more comfortable than what you’d make a guest feel. Study your brand and the trends in topics similar to it. And create content that goes well with those trends but also has a unique outlook of showing your human, individual side.

Allow your audience to relate to your experiences. Ask for their opinion on things, make them a part of your experience, don’t limit your virtual presence to just be a robotic experience rather give people someone they can approach with ease.

7. Know Your Audience!!

Call it a rule or a strategy, but you need to answer the question, who are you presenting your brand to? Which people should come to you and engage with your content? What kind of people do you want to become an icon for? And are your content themes aligned with their needs? Study your audience and your competition, look at what they need and what’s being delivered. And give them something unique to look at with your brand. Your brand might be your innovative idea, but your audience’s needs should be your priority!

These are the major rules when it comes to creating your personal brand. There’s a lot more to the story once you begin branding and you will learn all the tricks in the market as you gain more experience. With time, you will become capable of deciding on your own what you should or shouldn’t be doing because, in the end, you know your objectives. Good luck.

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