6 Specs You Should Consider When Buying A Work Laptop

Specifications top the chart in the consideration list when buying a new laptop. It is better to immerse yourself with a set of criteria before being extravagant and purchasing the wrong laptop. The more time and effort invested in the process of choosing the specs the more reasonable the device that is being selected.

Hence, it’s mandatory to research and equip yourself with information regarding various specifications and types of laptops. Further, applications also play a pivotal role in choosing the device that is the right fit for you, because every application is supported by every laptop. Take a look at the below specifications before buying a work laptop:


Since a work laptop needs to be equipped with various applications according to the requirement of your job, it needs to be supportive of the majority of the applications. Because otherwise a limited drive space and further installations will result in degraded performance with lots of lag. This includes remote work applications, an application for video conferencing with a high pixel built-in camera, Chrome/Firefox browsers to support your searches and web browsing requirements, and the Microsoft Office applications suite.


A CPU is the backbone of any device and holds a significant value upon measuring the performance of other such devices.

An Intel Core processor offers the best performance and seamless results with an edge in supporting the multitasking and multimedia tasks. Core i3 is the first of its variants and is being used in all entry-level devices.

According to the information from laptopcircle.com, Core i5 makes up for most of the mainstream computers and provides much of a space for multitasking with better results. Core i7 based systems are specifically dedicated to the professionals who are not ready to compromise on the performance and results.

There is yet another variant in this list known as Core i9 processors. They can rival most of the desktop versions but on the other hand, they come in handy in terms of the price.


Dating back to the old version of laptops, the requirements for the RAM rarely exceeded the 4GB mark as there were not many applications required to perform specific tasks. But today, this specification has turned upside down with an upfront requirement of at least 8GB to perform routine tasks while 16/32GB is the utmost need for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience.

The more apps you need to use at a single time the more the RAM will be needed to support the device. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in this spec according to the need of your office work.

Hard Disk:

Hard Disk simply enables a device to store data that remains accessible whenever required. For office laptops, 320GB is the way forward. This will enable the device to provide a sufficient amount of data storage as per the requirement.

Graphic Designing:

In case the work involves graphic designing or video editing then the specifications should include Core i5 6th generation with a 16GB RAM to support the designing tasks. At least a 2GB graphics card needs to be installed in the device with a 1TB Hard Drive to bolster the operations and creative designs.

Sturdy Structure:

Lenovo’s laptops, including T530, and HP EliteBook 8440p are very sturdy and give additional protection if mishandled. Due to their robust structure, they are a bit heavy but also live up to the expectations in the performance section. It is advisable to always opt for a sturdy and robust laptop with a comparable presentation to justify the overall investment.

In the end, I would like to conclude on the notion that there is no such concept as the best laptop. It is solely dependent on one’s work needs and usage purpose upon selecting the ideal device. Therefore, it is highly advisable to first identify the usage and then carefully select from a plethora of specifications being offered.

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