5 Ways To Revive Your Creativity

Creativity helps us in all fields, whether it’s linked to writing, painting, making a marketing strategy, or thinking up creative questions and solutions during STEM-related research; it helps us thrive to move further in life. So what do you do when you feel like you have a creative block?

We all know people who suggest going on a trip around the world to rejuvenate themselves and boost their creativity. But let’s be honest, not everyone can afford an expensive trip for the sake of their creativity. Here are a few tips that can help you revive your creativity after an episode of creative blocks.

1) Start a project

I know this is not a foolproof situation, but if you have to start anyway, you might as well start with a project that has inspired you or caught your eye. Even if that project seems tough or risky, you won’t know what’s on hold for you unless you take the first step. Starting with something new can also refresh your brain if you’ve been stuck with uniform ideas before. A new project or art form can help break barriers and make you more interested in something exciting.

2) A routine might help

Having a proper ritual or a routine can help a lot to put you in the zone. For some, it’s making art once they are done with all the other chores, so they won’t get distracted with all the work piling up while they’re creating. For others, it can be sitting with a cup of tea and listening to classical music to put them in the mood. Learning what works for you and knowing your ritual can help you quite a lot when you want to lose yourself to your creativity. And once that ritual stops working for you, find a new one!

3) Note your ideas, or capture them

Carrying a notebook with you if you’re a writer or a camera with you if you’re a photographer can help you more often than not. Some people say that the best ideas occur to you when you don’t have the option to note them down. If you are the kind of person who observes their environment and notices every detail that inspires you, carrying a camera and a notebook might just be the thing for you. This can also help you find new perspectives in places that are not new for you.

4) List ‘em down

One thing that helps me boost creative thinking and get in the creative zone is making lists at the beginning of a project. I note down each idea that comes to my mind, no matter how ridiculous, a lot like brainstorming actually, and then continue from there. Later, when I feel like I’m out of ideas, I go back to my original list and think of what feels more inspiring. This way, you can also combine two ideas and come up with something entirely unique.

5) Listen to music

Trust me, the right music can do wonders for you. This is also a way to explore new genres. This can work with music as well as new genres of literature or exploring and consuming different genres of movies and TV shows than those you usually watch. Media and art can help you a lot with your creativity, especially if you keep exploring and consuming things that can spark the artsy side of your brain.

Creativity is just as important in the world as anything else. Your corporate job might help you now, but nothing feels more fulfilling than feeling happier and healthier while exploring your own creativity. Try these methods and let us know what helps you!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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