11 Ways Facebook Is Useful For Businesses

Social Media is dominating this era with a plethora of platforms to socialize. With the advent of new technology, these platforms are increasing day by day. Learning all the nuances of these social platforms is a bit of a tricky task and time consuming too. These ever evolving platforms are subject to upgrades on a regular basis which makes it even more difficult to grasp the changes. One of the most dominant social networks is Facebook. It’s not only an enticing platform for its users but holds a significant value for the businesses as well. Besides communicating with your target audience through effective content marketing strategy, it also bolsters the lead generation and conversion process deriving impactful results for the businesses. To help the businesses make the most out of their strategy, we have identified 11 uses of Facebook to take lead from.

Creating a Business Page:

The first and foremost step as suggested by Andrew Defrancesco is to create a business page and not a personal profile. The benefits of creating a business page includes regular updates and postings. These aid in creating awareness amongst the customers regarding offers, discounts, or any such activity. Further, the updates will also surface in the newsfeed of the users where they will be able to engage easily with the content. These benefits make the marketing strategy of the businesses even more useful and beneficial for the users at the same time.

A Great Cover Photo:

Creating a great cover photo for your Facebook page helps you in attracting more and famous people like Jimmy John Shark. It should be filled with information related to the business while being optimized to capture the attention of the new visitors. It can be a static image or a video showcasing the different features and attributes that the business has to offer so as to communicate effectively with the audience.

Earn the badge:

Being responsive to the page users and new visitors is what it takes to earn the very responsive to messages badge on Facebook. Earning this badge will simply put you ahead of the competition and lets users know that your business is listening and cares about their needs. Businesses can earn this badge simply by creating a response rate of 905 while managing a response time of 15 minutes for at least seven days.

Adding Milestones:

This feature on Facebook lets the businesses add their accomplishments like awards, product releases and other such events to their Facebook page. The users will be able to find it under the About section of the page. Adding milestones in the business page generates credibility for the businesses increasing the trust level for the customers.

Custom Page Tabs:

In addition to default page tabs, Facebook lets you create custom page tabs. These custom page tabs act like a landing page, where the businesses can promote their marketing offers, upcoming events, case studies and more. These custom tabs appear at the top of the page and help users in navigating with ease.

Schedule Post:

This feature of Facebook lets you schedule your post for the desired date and time. Posting time differs for the businesses depending on the target audience’s preferred time for navigation on the social networking site. It also depends on what regions or countries are you targeting. Scheduling your post, therefore, provides businesses with the upper hand of posting at the most favorable time slots.

Compelling Visual Content:

Ensure posting more compelling and attracting visual content on Facebook. It supports post with images 2.3x times more comparatively. Therefore, in order to optimize the strategy, businesses should focus on incorporating compelling visual content to populate their post effectively alongside a dedicated content marketing strategy.

Image Dimensions:

Facebook offers various dimensions for visual content. Either its a cover image or a profile image, both contain different dimensions. This multiple dimension strategy is to help businesses make the most out of their visuals by showcasing it according to the placeholder.

Live Broadcast:

Facebook recently added live video streaming service to their offerings. This live broadcast on Facebook helps businesses in multiple ways including communication with their target audience effectively, live demo of products, hosting a webinar, hosting a training session, and more. Instead of investing heavily in the management of such events, businesses now take advantage of this facility to host such sessions. Moreover, these live broadcasts are utterly beneficial and can happen at the business’s desired date and time.

Facebook Insights:

Facebook provides a healthy data set to help in checking the performance against the set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This includes data related to page visits, engagement, response rate, and more. Analyzing such data not only unwinds the performance but also reveals which post has received the most engagement over time. This further helps in understanding consumer behavior and the likes/dislikes so as to optimize the social media strategy accordingly.

Ads Manager:

Ads Manager is your all in one tool for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. It provides various categories of ads targeting to choose from. Businesses can easily execute their campaigns with the right objective and can also derive meaningful insights from the data gathered. Besides providing an option for detailed targeting and location-based targeting, ads managers make it easy to edit your campaign, budget, or creative at any time. With such versatility to offer the businesses, it is rightfully a significant part of the social network.


Facebook has much to offer to businesses and has become their preferred social media network. Businesses are using this platform to establish their online presence while communicating effectively with their target audience especially millennials.

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