10 Freelancing Tools You Should Try

Bored of your 9-5 job and want to start freelancing? Maybe it’s about time you should too! Many people consider becoming freelancers but give up the idea because they don’t feel comfortable if they’re not following the strict routine of an office environment. Sounds weird? It sure does but it also makes sense. The comfort of your home environment is bound to make you feel lazy even if you chose to work for yourself. But with the advanced world of technology, freelancing can also be as organized as an office environment, maybe even more if you try and make yourself a little dedicated.

If you want to work smart to make a living for yourself, here are 10 of the most effective freelancing tools that you need to look into for a successful individual career.


1. Fiverr

This is probably every amateur freelancer’s first choice of platform, Fiverr helps you build your freelancing career from the ground up. From your beginner portfolio to connecting you with clients to making your career successful, Fiverr is run by unrivaled expertise to give you the guidance you need on this career path.


2. Freelancer

A Pakistan-based freelancing tool, it allows you to bid on the task you think you’re most qualified to do and use the App’s features to connect with your client and keep them up-to-date with your progress. The tool is a great way to connect you to potential clients and provide you with the means to get paid securely for your work and build your career through authentic experience.


3. Trello

Collaborating with different clients and creative teams can be a lengthy process. It’s a great tool to manage your workload and plan your tasks. Trello is ideal for creative freelancers looking to use boards, cards, and lists to organize and prioritize your tasks. At a single glance, the tool provides you with the know-how of what is being worked on and what is pending. When it comes to teamwork, Trello has some advanced features that make it easier to connect and collaborate.


4. InVision

A free project management and prototyping tool aimed for designers, InVision can be used to design projects and compile related ideas and notes directly on a whiteboard and communicate all changes and updates with the collaborating team.

The tool can be used to present designs to your clients, create, organize, and categorize mockups, and comment directly on prototypes. The app also has features for you to test your designs on the app itself without leaving it


5. Wunderlist

An organized to-do list tracker, Wunderlist can sync across all your devices. You can align the lists as reminders or send them to collaborators to assign tasks. You can even send email reminders to keep a check on your lists without having to leave your current task.


6. Guru

Another platform like Freelancer, Guru’s main objective is to connect freelancers with potential clients, giving you the freedom to choose which project you want and build your portfolio as you go, to make you authentic and let new clients approach you.


7. Buffer

Buffer is a tool that allows you to manage accounts across different platforms, providing you with the tools to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc, analyze engagements and other post activities, create your visuals to accompany with posts. The App’s best feature lies in how you can align and schedule your posting schedule months ahead of time and gets tips on which is the best time for you to post.


8. People Per Hour

Another platform with the same objectives as Fiverr and Freelancer, PeoplePerHour connects an international community of freelancers with clients whose only objective is to help businesses succeed.


9. Grammarly

Writers, designers, developers, it doesn’t matter what type of freelancer you are, good grammar is for everyone. Often, the idea behind your projects may be to-the-point but the use of wrong grammar makes clients walk away from you. Grammarly is a useful tool that ensures your grammar stays on point no matter what you write. You can download it for your laptop or your browser, depending on where you intend to perform most of your work. The tool checks and re-checks all your work for any error, and if you get the premium deal you will get access to more features. But even with the regular tool, you’re good to go.


10. Upwork

Formerly known as Elance o-Desk, Upwork is a globally recognized freelancing platform where you can meet businesses to become potential clients. Sign up to connect with businesses of all sizes and make your freelancing career grow right from the comfort of your home.


These are the basic freelancing tools you need to kick-start your career. While it’s not a fast progressing career at first, it will become exactly what you need your career to be if you remain patient and know where you have to be to get projects that keep your interests intact.

Abrar Fazlani

I'm practicing to be a writer although I am associated with web development for the last three years. It seems amusing how thoughts can be converted into words; making them helpful for personal gratification and growth.

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Kamil Riaz Kara
Kamil Riaz Kara
July 11, 2020 7:25 pm

Awesome Article!

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