SEO Myths You Should Let Go Of In 2021

In this digital world, SEO has become very important. It’s the process that helps you to rank your site on the top search pages of Google or any other search engine. It helps to get you more and relevant traffic. Even with this importance, there are some SEO myths that are preventing people from taking full advantage of it in its entirety. It’s important to let go of these myths in order to properly use all the SEO features and get more knowledge about them at your disposal to make your website become more successful.

Some SEO Myths You Must Ignore

Some useless SEO myths that are misleading people, wasting their time, money, and resources without improving their visibility in SERPs are mentioned as under:

SEO Myths And Facts

1) SEO is useless now:

SEO isn’t useless and won’t become so unless search engines become useless, or unless you stop caring about your page’s ranking on search engines. SEO helps you optimize your page to show it at the top of SERPs so that you gain better traffic on your site, and it’s a need of the hour for every brand.

2) It’s a One-Time Thing:

It’s a rumor that SEO is a one-time thing, it isn’t. You need to do your site’s SEO regularly with an increase in the content of your website. Also, off-page SEO is necessary to create backlinks and is a thing to be done regularly.

3) Ranking doesn’t matter:

Have you heard that ranking doesn’t matter? If yes, it’s wrong. Rankings ‌matter a lot, and if you don’t care about it, your website is in trouble. A search engine is a primary source from where you can get organic traffic. If your site doesn’t appear in the top results of a search engine, you won’t get much traffic.

4) Only fresh content is ranked on Google:

Fresh content keeps value, but it doesn’t mean that only fresh content can be ranked on Google. People are interested in new content, but that isn’t necessary. Many people like to get information in every aspect, and from anywhere they can get it. The point is, Google ranks content that is relevant and has quality, not just the one that’s fresh.

5) It’s easy to rank by using long-tail keywords:

Long-tail keywords can help people find your page easily by typing it on the search engine, but it doesn’t mean that only long-tail keywords are the ones that you should use. Both long-tail and short-tail keywords can help you in ranking your website. The most important thing to remember when using keywords is that you should always select the relevant ones.

6) You’ll be penalized for using duplicate content:

Google doesn’t penalize you for creating pages with duplicate content. The problem you face by duplication of content is that your website isn’t ranked on top results because Google doesn’t like this practice for several reasons; including that multiple pages of a site show the same content, providing people a bad user experience.

7) You can’t rank high with the help of PPC:

Several times you’ll hear that PPC is futile. Ignore it, and just remember that pay-per-click can work for you but can’t bring organic traffic to your web page. It shows your page on the top of the search results as an ad. The traffic that it brings is relevant, but it’s all paid.

8) SEO is only related to rankings:

SEO isn’t only about rankings, but also about the structure and management of your website. Good websites are always SEO optimized. Also, they rank well because of proper management and optimization.

9) It isn’t important to do keyword research:

Keyword research is so important that without it, SEO becomes useless. With time, as the generation is changing and more words are introduced among search engines, it’s mandatory to use those words for better results. Keyword research helps you to find the most relevant and used search queries for good optimization.

10) Lengthy content ranks you high:

A long-length content is good for SEO, but it doesn’t mean that the short ones can’t bring you more traffic. Everything depends on relevance. If the content is short but relevant, there is a possibility it will perform much better than any long-length content that lacks relevance.

These are some SEO myths you should let go of in 2021. These myths aren’t helping you with your SEO practices rather jeopardizing them. It’s important to know proper SEO facts to make your website ranking strategy work out successfully in your favor.

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