Achieving Your Dreams Is A 4-Step Job!

Achieving dreams is something every person wants to focus on and succeed at. But there is no straightforward and simple method to get this done. Authors, motivational speakers, and self-help experts have tried answering this as aptly as possible and even resulted in benefiting many people with their formulas of success. Achieving your dreams isn’t a simple task, so can it really be done in a few steps? This blog may have your answer.

Recently, the team of Mainstream sat down in an interview with Mush Panjwani, an enthusiastic entrepreneur and corporate trainer who recently opened Pakistan’s first authentic café chain, Coffee Wagera. The man hasn’t just mastered every niche he’s ever worked for, but also the very idea of happiness. But what makes Mush the success he is today? That’s something he never kept a secret. According to him, there are four simple steps to achieve anything. And he’s always preached these steps not just for himself but also taught them to those he trains those he works with, and even those he comes in contact with. What are these 4 steps to achieving your dreams? We’ve discussed it below.


Every success story, or every story that may become successful, begins with a dream. Whether you open a shop or create a company, all of it starts because you dreamt of it. And the best part about dreams? There are no limits to it! You would dream of opening your own store today, and by tomorrow your dreams may have progressed to your store being globally recognized. That’s the fun part about dreaming. You let your imagination fly and your mind comes up with suggesting methods on how you can achieve it. This is the first rule of achieving anything in life by Mush Panjwani: the dream! The dream he spoke to us about was writing his own book, that he intended to leave as a legacy for not just his kids but anyone who’s willing to read it.


Dreaming is all fun but what’s the point of it if you just keep cooking stuff up in your head doing nothing about it in reality? So the next step according to Mush is to create a goal based on your dream. When he spoke to Mainstream about writing his book Dhinchak Life, he stated that the idea started as a dream, but it would’ve gone nowhere had he not decided on a goal. And that goal was to write one chapter every Sunday; writing 100 chapters meant 100 Sundays, and this was a goal he set to be achieved in 2 years from where he started.

Mush states that dreams are easy, they don’t have commitments; they don’t have due dates. Goals require your commitment or else they won’t be of any use and this commitment is something we need to make to attain the goal we set for ourselves.


The third step in Mush’s formula for success is planning. You have your dream, you’ve set a goal, so most of your planning is done already. Your goals won’t just get achieved without a proper plan of execution. You need to sit regularly and work on that plan to become a reality. Have all your resources ready, set your mind to prioritize working on your goal, make it a part of your routine. You can’t take rain checks from working on your dream, remember it, and plan accordingly!


The fourth and final step is action. You saw a dream; you made a goal; you have a plan in hand about how to achieve that goal. Now you need to take the action necessary to get this done on paper. In our talk, Mush stated that his action was to sit every Sunday and write a chapter of his book. Not half a chapter, not one word, but an entire chapter, and every single Sunday, for 2 years. This commitment to your goal and plan makes you successful in the long-run.

So these are the 4 steps to achieving anything according to Mush Panjwani. It’s important to dream but you can’t just stop there, make a goal to transform this dream into reality, create a plan to carry out the goal you’ve made, and take action to make it all happen. Once you prioritize this in your life, there isn’t much stopping you from success!

Maha Abdul Rehman

A content writer and a psychology major, I procrastinate for 6 months or write consecutively. And I occasionally watch (see: obsess about) Football.

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