5 Types Of Leaders (As Explained By Cats)

We’ve seen different kinds of leaders throughout our lives, and we’ve seen even more examples of them either in our practical lives or in the fictional world. And these leadership examples aren’t just limited to humans. There are one species that dominate every room they walk in, even more so than any human has ever been able to – cats! Let’s face it, they’ve always possessed strong traits such as creativity, a dominating personality, the ability to convince others, etc. And who do these traits represent? Leaders.

So let’s have a look at the 5 most prominent types of leaders, as explained by cats.

The Queen

They may not be at the head of the table, but they’re the only ones who know exactly how to keep everyone moving forward. The Queen’s presence alone is enough to turn individuals into a team.

The Queen

In cat terms, this type of leader is either busy growling at their fellow cats for taking their place or at you because you didn’t give them food on time (how dare you?). These tabbies own the space they’re in and won’t take no for an answer – whether it’s for a back scratch or space on their favorite chair.

The Visionary

Some leaders love to be motivated and motivate others, they’re the cheerful types every company needs in their space, and they don’t shy away from bringing unique yet inspiring new ideas to the table.

The visionary - types of leaders

Cats can be visionary, yes. These cats will follow you around at all times or maybe just wake you up when you’re asleep just to make sure you’re appreciating them. They’ll try to impress you with new finds, like a dead mouse or a washed-up stuffed toy, and will always be ready to play along with the rest of your pets.

The Micro-Manager

We’ve all known leaders who never approve of anything unless it’s been changed about 10 times and then created in exactly the way they want. It’s okay though, they want what’s best not just for the company but also for your individual growth.

The Micro-Manager - types of leaders

Is your cat never happy and always has a disapproving look for you? They’re the micromanagers. They won’t let you clean them and if you do, you’ll still find them licking themselves clean because really, you can’t do better than them.

The Idealist

Beware of this type, these leaders don’t like change, and they won’t allow it either. You know the companies where your every move, from restroom breaks for lunch hours, is under surveillance? This is the leader running that place.

The Idealist

Got a cat who won’t leave you nor let you play with other pets? They’re the idealists. They don’t like it when you do things your way. If they want it a certain way, they’ll have it. These cats aren’t messing around when it comes to adopting you as a caretaker and they won’t let you mess around when it comes to them either.

The Laid-Back

These leaders are the ones we all love the most, the chill, laid-back types who don’t even seem to take their senior position seriously. Beware of this facade though, because they know what they’re doing. After all, they’ve become leaders for a reason!

The Laid-Back

Got a cat who doesn’t give a truck about what you do or don’t do? That’s your laidback cat. They will put up a persona where you’ll feel like they don’t even care about being your pet. But don’t be fooled, they know very well when you’re not paying attention to them and can be very astute to how you treat them.

The Eggheads

These leaders are who you need to always be ten steps ahead of because they require that much more effort from you. They’re also always busy initiating a new project, so you may need a proper means of communication with them in cases of urgency.

The Eggheads

Never see your cat around because they’re busy with projects of their own? That’s the egghead for you. You’ll almost feel as if you don’t have a pet, they’re so busy. But when they come to paying attention to you, you won’t find a better pet (or a leader) around.

This was our pick of the most prominent cat types as leaders. This list might seem short to you, but every cat, in one way or another, grows up to possess most of the traits that have been described above. And if they don’t then, well, leadership isn’t limited to just 5 types now is it?

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