5 Leadership Skills From Mainstream TV Shows

Everyone’s inspired by something or the other. As humans, we often tend to take the roles of characters who speak to us the most. One thing we can all learn from all the TV shows that we binge are how the characters lead their teams. Their skills are certainly worthy of note. Here are five significant roles in mainstream TV shows that we can all learn a skill or two from.

1) Serve your team like Olivia Pop

Olivia Pop - Leadership Skills

A leader who serves her team the way she wants her team to serve her, Olivia Pope from Scandal contributes greatly to leadership skills. She’s the kind of team head who serves the needs of her team first in order to get the best results. After all, a team can only function properly once every member’s issues are acknowledged and their well-being is ensured.

2) Own your mistakes like Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne

Leaders are bound to make mistakes. They’re as much human as anyone else. Bruce Wayne/Batman is a huge example of that. The guy makes a lot of mistakes, so much so that failure is often a running theme in many of the Batman comics, movies, and animated shows. But the humility with which the character deals with his mistakes is quite commendable.

3) Learn to make decisions like Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes - Leadership Skills

Working in a tough environment can be really difficult, especially if you have an incompetent team that cannot work under pressure. Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead is a great lead to follow in such a situation as he perfectly decides whom to have under his wing.

4) Lead by example like Ned Stark

Ned Stark

Leadership and managerial skills are best learned by following Ned Stark’s lead in Game of Thrones. A true leader passes on wisdom, gratitude, and knowledge, as he truly possesses those skills. His morality and ethics are a huge example of why leaders should practice those skills in order to lead an honest team.

5) Know how to deal with consequences like Red

Red - Leadership Skills

One might think Orange Is the New Black, a story set in an American prison, is the last show one should watch to look for management skills, but that would be the wrong take. There are many inspiring roles in the show, but one of the toughest roles is of the head prison chef, Red. She’s the character who runs her kitchen with a set of rules because without those rules the kitchen wouldn’t function as well as it does. This authoritarian style of leadership is suitable for specific types of workspaces where compliance is necessary to run a well-oiled machine.

Every team has its own way of functioning properly and reaching their potential. One must analyze their team’s skills and weaknesses in order to understand which leadership technique works for them best. And of course, getting inspired by TV shows can be entertaining and effective as well.

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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