35 Amazing YouTube Facts

Launched on 14th February 2005, today YouTube is the 2nd most visited platform across the world, after Google that is. It’s the easiest video platform to use out there, with an outline designed to match with its simplicity. This ease is what gained the platform its popularity. 15 years may seem like a long time to grow into a successful business, this platform saw tremendous growth just 1 year after it kicked off. To let you know more about the current trends and statistics on YouTube, we have made this blog containing 35 amazing YouTube facts that can be helpful to your channel.

  1. 300 hours worth of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day.
  2. The platform has 2 billion monthly users from whom 30 million are active daily.
  3. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on the platform everyday.
  4. 62% businesses use YouTube to promote their content.
  5. 75% of users log on to YouTube for nostalgia rather than checking up on current trends.
  6. 70% of YouTube usage comes from mobile devices.
  7. Males use the site for watching football or other strategy games while females primarily watch beauty videos.
  8. There are about 50 million creators on YouTube.
  9. Google bought YouTube to combine their search competencies with YouTube’s vast video library.
  10. 10. 1 billion hours of YouTube content is watched daily.
  11. YouTube faced a lot of controversy for its ad choices, causing many advertisers to leave.
  12. More than 70% of what people watch on the platform is based on YouTube’s recommendation algorithm.
  13. 60% of people prefer video content compared to live television.
  14. 60% of YouTube’s most popular videos can’t be viewed in Germany.
  15. Approximately 20% of people leave your video after 10 seconds of starting it. Make sure your content is interesting!
  16. YouTube generates approximately $4,000,000,000 for Google in annual revenues.
  17. According to YouTube stats, music content is most preferred by the audience.
  18. People are getting more and more interested in the influencers present on YouTube, with more engagements happening with influencer content compared to any other.
  19. 8 out of 10 marketers report YouTube to be one of the most important marketing platforms.
  20. 90% of people report they find out about brands through YouTube.
  21. YouTube has a software to scan for copyright infringement, Content ID; it scans about 100 years worth of video every day.
  22. YouTube videos are the third most effective influencer marketing platform after Instagram posts and Instagram stories.
  23. 48% of marketers invest in YouTube, making it the 3rd most popular paid content platform.
  24. YouTube is the 4th most used platform for generating organic content.
  25. YouTube webinars are one of the most effective content types to spread information – making the platform ideal for B2B marketing.
  26. 11% B2B marketers use the platform to promote paid content, while 53% use it for organic content.
  27. In the US alone YouTube made $4.95 billions in revenue in 2019. A number that is expected to rise around $5.47 billion in 2020.
  28. On an average, per month about 8 out of 10 18-49 year olds use Youtube.
  29. It’s important for video quality to be good, but people prefer relatability in YouTube videos above everything else.
  30. 80% of YouTube users belong outside of the US.
  31. 720,000 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube everyday.
  32. Most people prefer skippable ads – approx. 29%
  33. Voted by 78.9% people, YouTube is called the most effective video marketing platform, compared to Facebook that received almost 58.5% votes.
  34. There are more than 31 million channels on YouTube.
  35. YouTube is the ideal choice for people to look for ‘what to purchase’ inspiration and recommendations.

These are the facts about YouTube we have managed to combine. Keep them in mind while making strategies for promoting your content on the platform and you’re sure to reach a good audience.

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