The Top 10 Mystery TV Shows On Amazon Prime

Nowadays, kicking back and relaxing has become a lot more fun what with the ascent of the many streaming networks available to us. Everyone loves a good mystery TV show, and they’re often more binge-worthy than other genres. But if you’re anything like me, you too probably face a difficult time trying to decide which shows to start watching, and you might often get tired and give-up completely the idea of watching something new. Well, worry not, as we have compiled the perfect list of the best mystery TV shows on Amazon Prime to binge-watch next:

1. Bosch

Harry Bosch, played by Titus Welliver, is an LA police detective and a favorite among many. One of the best murder mystery TV series, Bosch is a conventional detective show, and has been on air since 2014.

2. Carnival Row

A fan of fairies, magic, and everything fantasy? Well, this is the show for you. Carnival Row is a mystery TV series based in an alternate universe, in which humans are constantly at war with fairies. Starring show-stoppers such as Cara Delevigne and Orlando Bloom, Carnival Row is undoubtedly onto something with its diverse storyline.

3. The Expanse

The Expanse feels like it has been closely inspired by shows such as Game of Thrones and Battlestar Galactica. If that really is your cup of tea, then you really should binge away!

4. The Night Manager

One of the best mystery TV shows on Amazon Prime, Tom Hiddleston stars as a night manager while Hugh Laurie plays the character of a wealthy businessman. With stars such as these, who wouldn’t want to binge the Night Manager? If you want to binge a show in a single day, then this 6 one-hour episode TV series on Amazon Prime is for you.

5. Homecoming

Heidi Bergman, played by Oscar-winner Julia Roberts, is a caseworker at a facility that assists soldiers transition back into normal life. The mystery revolves around the reason she eventually leaves the facility to try to live a normal life herself. This show is based on a podcast of the same name.

6. Monk

Monk is one of the best mystery TV series on Amazon Prime, and it’s definitely for you if you lean more towards comedy over drama. Starring the amazing Tony Shalhoub who plays the genius detective, who has way too many phobias to properly function in a regular hectic society, and who lends his services to the San Francisco PD. The show ran for 8 years, from 2002-2009, and is still available on Prime.

7. House

A medical mystery, House is a favorite among many, but it’s still worth suggesting as a lot of Gen Z-ers seriously missed out on such a good TV series. Hugh Laurie plays the genius a-hole Dr. Gregory House, who pretty much mentally tortures his residents as well as his patients, but gets the work done better than anyone else. If you’re tired of murder mysteries and detective work, House is the show for you.

8. The Missing

This show uncoils mysteries surrounding parents whose children have gone missing abroad. If you like a good mystery, this two series TV show is for you.

9. Absentia

Stana Katic, a favorite among many due to previously starring in Castle, plays the role of Emily Byrne, an FBI agent, who was declared dead once she went missing six years ago, but she’s actually alive! Unspool the eerie mystery surrounding her return with Absentia while Byrne tries to hunt down her kidnapper.

10. Psych

Another TV mystery with more comedy than drama, Psych revolves around Shawn Spencer fooling everyone into thinking that he’s psychic, whereas the truth is that he has exceedingly sharpened observational skills. This is a lighthearted mystery show that is also available on Amazon Prime for you to binge-watch whenever you’d like!

These are my suggestions for the shows you can start binging on Amazon Prime. Have any other to add? Tell us about them!

Zahra Rehman

Social science undergrad and amateur artist who has a soft spot for cats, dogs and philosophy.

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February 14, 2021 9:57 pm

Two women in leading roles, Julia Roberts and Stana Katic.

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